Preview Art for game ideas I'm working on!

There are two things I love, well more than two things, but the two things that are relevant for the topic right now are video games and big bellies! I want to present 3 game ideas I started working on over the last week. So far I have ideas and some art for each, but I either need to learn how to use “easy” video game engines and stuff like that, for example Renpy or RPG Maker, or I’ll ask for help on this forum.

Game no.1: Feed your Goblin Wife

Already made a post about this, you play as an orc who just married his beatiful goblin girlfriend and move onto the land. But already at the wedding you get surprised by your wife eating the entire wedding cake, leaving her with a noticeable swollen belly. Now in your new home, your wife abandons all the diets that got forced onto her and it quickly results in her midsection rapidly expanding.
Fish, hunt, farm anf forage for food to fill the bottomless hole in your wifes stomach.

Currently, I have around 140+ images of the goblin wife ready, 10 belly sizes and 7 different faces each with blush variant alone in the front facing images.

Game no.2: The Spirit of Halloween

I had and still have a difficult time to come up with a narrative and story for the goblin wife, so I decided to start with a smaller project first. “The spirit of halloween” is a visual novel.

On October the 31st, while going to the TV channels, a ghost lady bursts through the screen. She demands you to bring her as much food as she can fit in her stomach, but if you fail her she will posses your body and will forever destroy your waistline.

Go around the house, collect food, solve puzzles and talk to the ghost girl. But she seems to loosen up the more you feed her. Even begins to be kinda friendly. And you notice she’s kinda… cute? In a scary way?
Depending on how well you stuff her belly, you either get possesed, she leaves you alone or you’ll have a creepily amazing night. :wink:


Game no.3: My Roommate Gluttony

By far the biggest project and I’ll probably need help if I someday decide to start with the actual game making process.

In “My Roommate Gluttony” you play as Ethan, a fellow CHONK lover. He lives alone in his flat, but one day after some “quality internet time”, a portal to hell opens in his living room. Through it comes the former overlord of the sin of gluttony, called, well, Gluttony. His powers allow everyone in town with gluttonous roots to indulge into his sin.

Walk around town and help people grow their guts. But you can also travel to hell and do quests and feed demons. You as a character can eat, too, but there will be no gain and only limited belly bloat. Eating with your character is mainly for “special” effects.

I know I’m not the greatest artist, but I like to think that I’m at least not horrible at it. And making all this art is just stupid amounts of fun for me. Also, having a really simple artstyle makes it really easy to edit existing images. Like this:

What do y’all think?


I think that the art looks fine

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Great stuff so far! Personally I like the second idea, can’t get enough ghost gals honestly.
as for game dev, I can’t really give much of a technical answer as I’ve only just started to seriously fiddle with rpgmaker here and there. I can say to try and keep it short and simple with whatever game engine you end up using however, especially for a first project. There’s plenty of wayyy more qualified peeps here who are more to happy to help you out along the way.

Other than that, you seem to have some very nice concept ideas so far! I’m looking forward to see what you eventually come up with! :+1:

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