--Project F.A.T F.E.A.S.T.--

My dog this took too long for me to write, and it is not even worth posting. Even so, I introduce to you a pathetic project I call F.A.T. F.E.A.S.T… It is really annoying to write out, but just so you know, It’s a tabletop I’ve worked on for years now. This is a generalization of the rules as of now, and is still in the works. More content will be made in the future, and believe it or not, it won’t be too long until then.

On a side note, after I get some of the presets out of the way for anyone wanting to use this system, I’m considering hosting a few one-off games. Just a thought for now, but if this project gets enough interest, I absolutely will.

Now go get playing, folks! I want to see you all having fun!


I’m glad to see someone actually likes the design, and I know what you mean when you say free form is terrible in practice. Seeing as how I’ve ran several games with this system, I know how out of hand things can get. That’s actually why I’m making the spellbook and such. In a sense, the spellbook is going to be a list of different possible mechanics that players can reskin to their liking.

I also wanted to make balancing something the GM can fix on a whim, which is why I gave them the ability to choose when abilities and stats are improved. I know it’s not perfect, but with enough experience, I’m sure I’ll be able to balance this eventually.

(Not to mention, I built this with the thought of implementing this into videogame form some day. I can’t code, but still)

Sorry for the long reply, and thank you for your criticism

P.S. I’ll sell myself short as much as I please.