Project F.A.T v0.82

New Stuff and Fixes:

  • Two new areas in the Forest, the Jello Plains and the Forest North (Not overly large areas, but they add some extra stuff)
  • Anna’s progression is changed completely. She works off a corruption system as you talk to her, which determines what happens to her, her husband and the red slime.
  • A guide has been included. It’s not great to be honest. But it does explain some of the inner quests which should help people getting stuck. I will add to it and update it as I work on the game more.
  • The contest hall is broken and being revamped. So it is closed. All quests that relate to it are blocked off sadly as its a hot mess of switches.
  • The Queen fight was also changed slightly. There is two optional things that can be done (The Kitchen Binge and Maid Binge) Completing both will make the Queen fight easier.
  • NPC’s now travel in the Forest, they increase corruption and will repsawn each day
  • Intro bug is fixed and should function properly.
  • Lore is changed slightly in all places that display it. Should hopefully make more sense now.
  • Cookies have been fixed and the Stuffing skills as well.
  • New fishing spots that offer different fish to catch. (Just outside the Lab, inside the Forest, in the Harbour and in the Slime Village)
  • Few other misc errors cleaned up along the way.
  • The Queen’s branches should now function properly.
  • Isabelle’s quest is now a Rank 1 Quest and not a Rank 5 one.
  • Some issues with broken doors and painting climbing is fixed.

Although carrying over saves should work. Just to be sure, please ensure you start a fresh file. Just in case somethings break.

Project F.A.T v0.82

There is also a MAC file in the folder provided. I have no idea if it will work, but I’ll give it a try anyways.

(It’s probably done totally wrong, I’m so bad at stuff like this…)

Join the Discord if you want some extra help. I’m usually always about on some platform or another.

Next update should fix the Contest Hall, change up some NPC’s and iron out some kinks that have been driving me insane.
Although Uni is starting up again and I’m currently sick with a cold, progress may be a bit slow.

As always, thanks so much guys. Hope you enjoy!


Zzz… Forgot I was testing things so the starting point was moved. Will upload a fix now.

Now to find out the Acronym…

Played around with it for a little while, so far I’m really impressed with the mechanics and how much there is to do. It’s clear a lot of effort went into this!

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When you offer enough yogurt and get into the house the pathing can’t finish

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Ah damn it. Let me change it quickly and I’ll upload the map.

Here, paste this over. Should fix the pathing issue.
Yogurt Girl Fix

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Thanks so much!

Did you find stats rose too quickly or slowly?
I wasn’t sure how to balance it properly…


So far I think stats might be moving a bit too slow… didn’t even realize there were different weight stages until I saw the screenshot above and i’m on day 12. Still, though, very impressive work!

A few minor bugs i found:
A few of the chests in the forest can’t be reached because the top layer of the trees is solid
I can’t interact with the control panel in the lab after reading the note in the tent
Once the person in the town starts requesting 2 yogurts, they’ll only accept exactly 2 so i had to burn through a bunch of yogurts to progress

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I’ve noticed a few bugs and nitpicks as well, including one just caused by the new Map10 patch(?)

After leaving the Yogurt Girl’s house, her door disappears and cannot be accessed again.
Voring the girl in front of the tasty slime house seemed to double vore her, with the second attempt failing.
Some of the higher tier enemies and random chests don’t seem to respawn, but that could be me missing something.
The fairies in the left side of the forest are not moving as fast as the ones in the prior room. This one’s a bit more nitpicky, but I thought I’d mention it anyway.
This one is very nitpicky, but the 3 weight level sprites are a bit weird, seeming as if her belly shrank into her ass instead of just a weight gain in general.
Quick Addition: The Yogurt Girl seems to be invisible when you first enter the house.

Overall, really neat concept! While not one for vore, I do enjoy the weight gain, so I look forward to future progress.


I appreciate this. I like nitpicky.

1.So Yogurt Girl’s house is only accessible while your TP is more than 3. So 4, or 5. Otherwise she’s having her “alone” time. If it’s still not working, I may change how I did the conditional. Yep. I didn’t place a door. That will be fixed for the next time.
2. Fixed the girl in front of the Slime Farm. It’s cause I misplaced all the bad events into the End column instead of the Else column.
3. They only respawn when you leave the forest. Mostly done to prevent people from going back and forth between maps for easy Fullness + Money. If you did leave the forest and they didnt respawn when you re-entered, I’ll double check the plugin commands (EDIT: They were wrong. I didn’t actually call them anywhere. Will fix for next version)
4. Will change that, It’s nitpicky but I would have said the same thing.
5. Yeah, I wanted one extra size change because the difference between 2 and 4 is quite a bit. and that was the only one that looked like it was sort of in the middle.
6. Ah yeah, that’s cause I forgot to uncheck the box for her to appear through a switch. Will fix that in the next update.

Thanks for that! I appreciate the feedback!


Can confirm that it won’t let me reenter the yogurt girl’s house no matter what I do.
Also, couldn’t help but notice there’s some nice blob faces for the MC in the files that don’t appear to be in the game anywhere.

Yeah those will go in at some point. It’s a pain cause events can happen at multiple weights. So once I make up all the conditionals for them, I will end up using them.

I played it immediately!
There is a bug where she disappears in the lab where she wakes up first!

Did you download the updated version? Since the one I posted earlier today was bugged :confused:

Yeah, that one was rather annoying. It’s cause I got lazy with the script calling. Will edit it to just add to a variable and then stop when it hits the right amount.

I don’t think the links work anymore, when I enter it gets stuck when loading the browsers

Same I can’t get it to download

I think Mega is having some issues. I can’t download anything from it normally…

yeh the links dont work even when i switched to different browser

Link should be working now hopefully. Although i’ll probably upload some changes and new stuff within the next couple of weeks hopefully.