Project F.A.T v1.05 - Beginnings of the Bug Fixing

Hey everyone! 1.0 is finally here. Well 1.02 since I needed to make some last minute fixes.

This is a large-ish update and will require a BRAND NEW SAVE game.
Carry overs will not work at all.


I was messing around with trying to nerf the overeating effect which limits it to 4 times per day. HOWEVER! I forgot to add in the reset for when you sleep.
Please download this file and paste it over the original.
Extract the zip > Open the game folder > navigate to the “www” folder > navigate to “data” > paste the JSON file there. (72.3 KB)

Changelog v1.02


  • The Monster Arena : In the commercial district of Liamargia, there’s a small building built into the side wall, the Monster Arena! Capture monsters and bring them back to Dominic (the owner) for some extra cash and an opportunity to test your mettle against some super bosses. Each giving a unique reward for your first victory.
  • The Icycull Region: Icycull is finally accessible and has a dungeon, a small town (albeit with not much in it) and a side quest involving a hungry dragon and a gluttonous traveller. The next major update will have this entirely finished but I got distracted making other fun things and didn’t want to put the update off any further.
  • Quest Journal: All quests are now handled by Yanfly’s quest journal. (Unless I forgot some, which is likely…) This should make it easier to keep track of everything you have going on
  • Gwen’s House: Danielle’s sister Gwen finally has her own house. She lives in the Slums and offers you a new job. (Maid for the day. You will be paid based on your remaining actions)
  • The Contest Hall: It’s moved to the Commercial District, where the fancy Restaurant was. In addition, Rubbing your Belly is now replaced with Digest. (This will consume a bit of your fullness, add it to your weight. If your close to a threshold, you should see yourself get visibly fatter.)
  • Restaurant: It’s also moved. Now it’s in the Noble District, where it should be… Cause it’s fancy…
  • Accessories: There’s now a ton more accessories floating around the place you can find and equip.
  • Equip Slots: You can now equip a single “Tool” and 4 “Accessories” at a time. Play around with various combinations
  • Pictures: All characters (well, major ones) should have pictures. Pictures reflecting their sizes and such. This includes all monsters as well.
  • Monsters: They have been re-worked and changed, and have all new pictures. In addition, they have new skills and some of the bosses have gimmick mechanics.
  • Difficulty: Now choosing a difficulty actually makes a difference. Depending on the difficulty, monsters will be stronger, the virus inside scales up quicker and your stat growths are hindered.
  • Machine Codes: So you don’t have to write them down when you find them, each code will add an item to your inventory that you can refer to.
  • New Foods: A bunch of new foods added, mostly fish, and a few craftable items as well. More to come in the next update.
  • The Fisherman: Located to the right of the Farm, lives a lone fisherman. He’ll sell fish and fishing rods.
  • Fishing: Fishing has been completely changed. Each spot has certain fish you can only capture there. Fishing Rods have durability and once they are used up they will break.
  • Succubus Village: Is now explorable (although it’s a fairly plain area) but it has a special quest involved into it once you deal with Phatrelle
  • The Slime Queen: After you save the Slime Village, return and talk to the red slime on the right. This will begin another quest to find their queen.


  • Isabelle now cannot be eaten once you beat her in the Throne Room (She’ll run instead and this will open a new quest line for her down the track)
  • Phatrelle can now be spared instead of just being eaten (She’ll return later for revenge - Not in just yet…)
  • The Bandit Leader can also be spared and taken back as a prisoner. She’ll hang around the Guard Hall and an event will play out after some time.
  • Guard Hall: Has been totally re-done. You can accept any quests at any time and have as many as you want running. Only the monster hunt quests are repeatable. It’s also been shrunk slightly since there was a lot of wasted space.
  • Stat Growths: Have been boosted considerably. They still vary on difficulty, but the values are far far higher than before (Although, I need feedback on whether monsters need changing)
  • Capacity Update: When you overeat but are under max capacity, when you trigger the event, you stats will rise slightly as well.
  • Isabelle Effects: All events that Lucia has now also apply to Isabelle. This includes bad ones like over-eating. She has her own capacity and can increase it by staying overful.
  • The Virus: The virus is now a permanent thing. Each day will increase it’s effect based on your difficulty. Every 5 days will increase it considerably.
  • The Farm Thief: This quest now happens automatically on Day 5. It is still optional and can be ignored if you choose it.
  • The Queen: She has been nerfed if you choose to ignore the Isabelle quest. Winning will continue the story as per normal rather than show the default endings I made.
  • The HUD: Has been moved. It’s now located on the bottom of the screen instead of the top. Will show Isabelle’s as well if you recruit her. You can now see what map your on!
  • Enemy Skills: Enemies have new skills with effects (Damage still on the fence and may need changing) You can also learn enemy skills by getting Skill Books.
  • The Goddess Statue: The event has changed and will now teleport you to her realm when you reach the number of successful prayers.
  • The Chickens: You can now gather eggs from each chicken once per day. This also won’t cost an action point either. So getting the necessary eggs is much easier.
  • Chests: Chests in the forest now give a lot more gold. The items are unchanged for the most part, but the Gold drops are much higher.
  • The Sisters: They have been moved to the Entrance of the Uptown area. They will ask you to buy their stuff each day you visit. Based on whose you buy, they will change slowly after multiple purchases. This triggers special events down the track.


  • Most random Lucia portraits have been fixed. Although I’m sure there’s more out there.
  • Spelling Errors. I believe I got them all. but…
  • Issue with hitting “Previous Page” in Contest Hall - Hitting previous page will now NOT unlock all contestants…
  • Devotee Event - It’s fixed. You can go into the forest as per normal again.
  • Lady G - She takes eggs now. If she doesn’t, I’m banning her from eggs in future.
  • Location Text is now visible as HUD was moved to the bottom.
  • Cookie Girl actually properly counts her cookies.
  • Tasty Slimes are unlocked after Joe is eaten. But they will not respawn (Since no one is there to breed them)
  • Ham, Flour and Salt actually do something now.
  • Ham is purchasable at the supermarket as intended (as it was no where else at all)
  • Houses in Succubus Village are blocked off once you see the Phatrelle scene to prevent re-entry
  • Tidying Up… A LOT of tidying up… I hope nothing broke that I haven’t come across.
  • Characters that have been eaten cannot be selected in the Contest Hall now. It SHOULD block them out entirely.
  • HUD updates during the Contest Hall automatically.
Changelog v1.03
  • Being kicked from the Restaurant will now transfer you to the correct place
  • The Mini Boss quests (Flaming Orc, Golden Slime, Fairy Queen and Corrupted Pixie) can now be completed and their rewards given. The rematches are purely for fun for now.
  • Booze for All can now be completed properly
  • Chip Shortage won’t crash the game when trying to complete it.
  • Eating both Danielle and Varona will give fullness and weight (A significant amount of each)
  • Slime Girl quest executes properly and won’t lock off the Slime Village
  • Bread is now available at the Supermarket as it was originally intended to be
  • Eloise’s Goods and The Special Cake options should now disappear from the Supermarket menu
    if you have completed them.
  • Slimezilla’s HP reduced from 30,000 to 20,000
  • Added a Basement section to the Monster Arena that contains all captured monsters. Interact with the
    tablet to get the exact number you have given.
  • Arabel’s contest line is actually about Arabel this time.
  • Bandit Leader shouldn’t freeze the game during the event now…

Pictures will have to remain a bit weird for now, since that will take a quite a while to fix up and ensure they are all around the same size. But I will get to it… Eventually.

Changelog v1.05
  • Fixed an issue with Fishing spots that would cause them to not give the player anything.
  • Fixed an issue with the second page of Monster Arena fights crashing the game.
  • Changed Castle Library to be interactable until your supposed to.
  • Gym will now correctly take your remaining actions into account
  • Bandit Den Quest, Slime Queen quest and Anna’s quest now get completed properly
  • Phatrelle event modified to actually move the player when they are able to
  • Brittney and Tiffany’s ultra special has different text to their earlier counterparts
  • VIP store in the Casino now works and will take your VIP tokens correctly
  • Nyx and Dweller have descriptions
  • Collisions with pipes have been added so you can’t walk on walls anymore.
  • Contest Hall Rank 3 shouldn’t repeat 3 times if you haven’t completed a part of it.
  • Casino no longer sells the Fishing Rod.
  • The Harpy and Hornet now have vore text and give appropriate fullness + stats when consumed.
  • Transfers in Icycull fixed
  • Hannah’s sprites will not appear now before her event starts and they will disappear once she’s eaten.
  • Bellyslam is no longer known by Hannah
  • Wording on the aftermath of the Hannah fight fixed.
  • Slime Jewel is now given to the player. Same with the Slime Pendant
  • The post contest hall events now have proper pictures for Lucia and not her default
  • Bandit Den entrance no longer shows thin Lucia’s face.
  • Booze for All quest fixed to show objectives correctly
  • Signs added to fishing spots to show available fish
  • Succubus Village fishing chest now gives loot
  • Succubus Queen sprite changed to show her (not sure how this would look but in theory it should be okay. If it’s still ugly, I’ll redo it)
  • Unrivalled Gluttony now properly accounts for all food items

Hopefully it was worth the wait!

Project F.A.T v1.05

My patreon is linked below, I appreciate all the support and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Join the Discord if you want some extra help. I’m usually always about on some platform or another.

As always, thanks so much guys. Hope you enjoy!


Zzz… Forgot I was testing things so the starting point was moved. Will upload a fix now.

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Now to find out the Acronym…

Played around with it for a little while, so far I’m really impressed with the mechanics and how much there is to do. It’s clear a lot of effort went into this!

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When you offer enough yogurt and get into the house the pathing can’t finish


Ah damn it. Let me change it quickly and I’ll upload the map.

Here, paste this over. Should fix the pathing issue.
Yogurt Girl Fix


Thanks so much!

Did you find stats rose too quickly or slowly?
I wasn’t sure how to balance it properly…


So far I think stats might be moving a bit too slow… didn’t even realize there were different weight stages until I saw the screenshot above and i’m on day 12. Still, though, very impressive work!

A few minor bugs i found:
A few of the chests in the forest can’t be reached because the top layer of the trees is solid
I can’t interact with the control panel in the lab after reading the note in the tent
Once the person in the town starts requesting 2 yogurts, they’ll only accept exactly 2 so i had to burn through a bunch of yogurts to progress

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I’ve noticed a few bugs and nitpicks as well, including one just caused by the new Map10 patch(?)

After leaving the Yogurt Girl’s house, her door disappears and cannot be accessed again.
Voring the girl in front of the tasty slime house seemed to double vore her, with the second attempt failing.
Some of the higher tier enemies and random chests don’t seem to respawn, but that could be me missing something.
The fairies in the left side of the forest are not moving as fast as the ones in the prior room. This one’s a bit more nitpicky, but I thought I’d mention it anyway.
This one is very nitpicky, but the 3 weight level sprites are a bit weird, seeming as if her belly shrank into her ass instead of just a weight gain in general.
Quick Addition: The Yogurt Girl seems to be invisible when you first enter the house.

Overall, really neat concept! While not one for vore, I do enjoy the weight gain, so I look forward to future progress.


I appreciate this. I like nitpicky.

1.So Yogurt Girl’s house is only accessible while your TP is more than 3. So 4, or 5. Otherwise she’s having her “alone” time. If it’s still not working, I may change how I did the conditional. Yep. I didn’t place a door. That will be fixed for the next time.
2. Fixed the girl in front of the Slime Farm. It’s cause I misplaced all the bad events into the End column instead of the Else column.
3. They only respawn when you leave the forest. Mostly done to prevent people from going back and forth between maps for easy Fullness + Money. If you did leave the forest and they didnt respawn when you re-entered, I’ll double check the plugin commands (EDIT: They were wrong. I didn’t actually call them anywhere. Will fix for next version)
4. Will change that, It’s nitpicky but I would have said the same thing.
5. Yeah, I wanted one extra size change because the difference between 2 and 4 is quite a bit. and that was the only one that looked like it was sort of in the middle.
6. Ah yeah, that’s cause I forgot to uncheck the box for her to appear through a switch. Will fix that in the next update.

Thanks for that! I appreciate the feedback!


Can confirm that it won’t let me reenter the yogurt girl’s house no matter what I do.
Also, couldn’t help but notice there’s some nice blob faces for the MC in the files that don’t appear to be in the game anywhere.

Yeah those will go in at some point. It’s a pain cause events can happen at multiple weights. So once I make up all the conditionals for them, I will end up using them.

I played it immediately!
There is a bug where she disappears in the lab where she wakes up first!

Did you download the updated version? Since the one I posted earlier today was bugged :confused:

Yeah, that one was rather annoying. It’s cause I got lazy with the script calling. Will edit it to just add to a variable and then stop when it hits the right amount.

I don’t think the links work anymore, when I enter it gets stuck when loading the browsers

Same I can’t get it to download

I think Mega is having some issues. I can’t download anything from it normally…

yeh the links dont work even when i switched to different browser

Link should be working now hopefully. Although i’ll probably upload some changes and new stuff within the next couple of weeks hopefully.