Project F.A.T v1.3.2 - Not broken Endings :D and Contest Hall v 2533524342232

Tried the Extermination quest again a few in-game days later with the same result of not being able to talk to Lady G about it, so it wasn’t a one off.

Also, looks like the second objectives of the “upgraded” creature quests (Golden Slime for example) don’t get triggered properly when defeating the required creatures. Super minor though, since the player can still turn in the quest and get the rewards without issue.

Well least the rewards are working. So that’s something at least. I’ll have a look into the extermination.

So it worked okay the first time? Then broke on subsequent tries?

Yep, talked to her, went down the stairs, took out the rats, went back, she had the fat image mixed in with the others that I mentioned further back up here, and got the reward. Only when the quest popped up again on the board did it mess up.

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In Blackjack, Aces are supposed to be either 1 OR 11. Having it only be one or the other REALLY changes the game.

I know. I was just lazy with it to be honest. I’ll fix it to make the dealer get 1 or 11.
Most likely if dealer total is below 7, they take ace as 11. Otherwise it’s a 1.

So… i have a problem with the emerelda quest, basically, you can do all the mision and when you go back from jigglers to her house to give her the pill the option to give that to her just… Disappear, I mean you talk to her and she just says her normal dialog but you still have the pill and the quest is in the list and obviously, she won’t gain weight so you can’t complete that quest

I make atleast 7 tries with the quest trying different things (even using cheats) but nothing works so I think is just impossible in this version

Also, Can you make the quest for tiana’s pizzas tied to a weight or a day instead of a specific point in history? Wait for that point of the game just to open the new buffet is phisically painful so I would be really happy if you change that little detail

thanks I really love this game

Yeah. Sadly no idea what happened to that quest. Possibly gonna remake parts of it so it doesn’t break constantly.

I might just remove it entirely. Make it act as part of her feeding arc instead (like you can bring her food for money and such)

Glad your enjoying it, even with its many many many bugs :smiley:

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Hi, I’ve been enjoying the game so far and can’t wait for future updates.

I have come across an issue however, I had lowered the gate in the castle so I could fight the Queen but the security guards were still standing in the way. Is this a bug or is there an intended way to get rid of them?

Glad you’re enjoying my buggy mess of a game :smiley:

So, the security will leave once you trigger the battle with the security drone.
If you reset the password successfully and entered it and they didn’t disappear, I’ll need to have
a closer look at that :smiley:

I tried both outcomes, when I successfully reset the password the guards were still there. The same thing happened when I triggered the drone and won the fight against it.

Ah, you need to go to the laboratory next to the weird computer room. Interact with the computer there and the guards will “leave”.

I really should put a block on the stairs until it’s done so people don’t miss it.

Hi, in esmerelda’s portal, there is a succubus, which gives me one shot!, I’ve been farming for 2 hours for the weight, I have exactly 9164, I think it’s already not bad compared to the old update update of the game but it removes more than 600 damage and I do not understand how to defeat it

I’ve never gotten to that event myself, but according to the guide of the game, the longer you spend after facing her in the bottom of the abandoned house, the more powerful she will be when you face her again through the portal. The guide even notes that she may become too strong to defeat.

What @Dragos_Drakkar said. The longer you wait the worse it gets. But weight doesn’t mean how strong you are. It’s based on your stats themselves. Your stats can only level up 4 times per day by being overfull and then when you sleep if your fullness is above 50%.

The stat boosting items you can buy will increase your stats by a little, but depending on what day you triggered the event and what day you actually tried fighting her, there is a small chance her stats are completely out of control.

If you’ve recruited isabelle, she learns the Belch skill, which inflicts poison. Against high health enemies, poison does large amounts of damage. Essentially, just focus on getting your stats up to high levels before trying again.

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