Project F.A.T v1.4.4 - Critical Bug Found?!

The stats at the bottom said her weight should have been 600, so it might just be some display issue with her model.

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Okay, once I had Isabelle eat enough to go over her capacity and she started getting stronger, the following model started to bulk up. So her being skinny despite her weight might just have been something about her just starting out as a follower.

Follow up question: I know the endings are dependent on Lucia and Isabella’s corruptions, but is there anywhere to see Isabella’s corruption. Lucia’s is easy enough since it’s in the top right corner, but there doesn’t seem to be an equivalent anywhere that I can see for Isabelle. Apologies in advance if I just missed something.

Edit: Additionally, might be having a problem with the Contest Hall again, this time for stage 2: Lightweight. Reasonably sure that I have defeated all of the competitors (except for Isabelle since she wasn’t available for some reason, maybe she was too big already as a follower for that stage, but I did defeat her replacement), yet no sign of moving onto stage 3.


It’s probably how RPG Maker reads page, it usually goes forward once a condition is met, but won’t go backwards.

Zzz… Hopefully its nothing major.
It should automatically complete it if you can’t access her. However, she’ll only show up as a contestant between certain sizes or if she’s moved into town.

Not sure what’s up. I even tried speeding through stage 2 again just to make sure, doing each competitor in turn one by one, rushing right from the lab to the Contest Hall and back again, making sure to hit each one, but still no sign of stage 3 starting. Maybe something broke in my save or something.

Sorry if I am being a bother, but I really enjoy this game and want to see as much as I can of it.

Fixing errors and finding them is a huge help. Just wish the damn thing would work properly for a change. I think I have an idea of what’s happening… Just hoping it’s as easy to fix as I think it is.

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This is a big complicated beast you’ve got here. Lots of interconnected parts that you’ve added, changed, removed, restored, and on and on. It is natural that things might go wrong, but I understand how frustration might stem from it.

Despite all that, you have done an incredible job with it. This might be one of the best weight gain/vore games that I have ever played.

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Did you find what caused the goblin bug in the cave?

I tested it and couldn’t find anything that should cause. Gonna look in a different direction and see why it does it.

It’s just really bizarre