Project F.A.T. v1.7 - Bugs and Backend

ok i think Cassandra went to the max size at the start

also i think donna made Isabelle & Brittney unable to get bigger

Donna shouldn’t affect either of those two.

And it’s time based for cassandra, every 5 days she’ll size up again. So possible it was just missed.

hey sorry for asking this but what i supposed to do after help Beth?

You need to find the doctor. Just wait until night time and look around Mezeti. You’ll need to find him 4 times and then you’ll go back to his lab.

Once you talk to him after the scene, you’ll be taken to the final battlegrounds (so make sure you save beforehand in case you want to go back)

its Donna’s Breakfast every morning, i did some messing around when i choose Brittney first to join the party she gained the weight after walking around but Tiffany didn’t, when i reload the save file i choose Tiffany first to join & vice versa happened, as for Isabelle gains weight after sleeping if shes in the party and doesn’t gain from overfeeding after Donna’s Breakfast not only that everyone doesn’t gain weight daily from overfeeding if they’re left sitting at the lab just fullness to max from the Breakfast

i have fed Cassandra 14 days straight and have gotten nothing

she has been this size since she started demanding food

another thing i noticed is with the red slime i tried overfeeding her once & she gain 18040 pounds on the spot is that supposed to happen?

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Oh I must have explained myself badly. It’s the sizes BEFORE That point. While she’s sitting next to Julia at the counter. One she passes that point you won’t unlock anything (although I will fix that in the next version in case players do miss it since it’s a small window of opportunity)

Err. No…. That seems like a wonky math calculation somewhere

I got a question for yall where can you find Tiffany or Brittney after you finish there contest? Also one of the quests says “Get approved by the Don” and im wondering is the don in the vip section? also have a nice day/night as well.

So Tiffany and Brittney will head back to the Succubus Village. It’s accessible after you trigger the Phatrelle event in the abandoned house basement (eat the food a total of 15 times and be above size 5)

Beat her and talk to Esmerelda. She’ll open the gate for you. (Clear the quest there and you can recruit them)

He is in the VIP section. You get a pass by spending 25000 gold on casino chips or by getting it as a quest reward (just buy chips and sell them immediately, it still counts)

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