Project Raven-ous

So i have been working on a game inspired by Grain to Gain and A Piece of Cake/C’est de la tarte and many others. I set out to make a more realistic life simulator where the focus is on the characters gaining weight. Im a novice programmer at best, and started with a console game like Grain to Gain. However, it did not meet my expectations and has pushed me to learn how to program a gui for my game. So i have been designing my game around the ability for anybody to be able to add new events or items(food) to the game. I am not the best writer and was trying to find out if people would be interested in contributing writing events for the game, or items.


Can you give a general idea about the game other than a life simulator about characters gaining weight? Like a setting, a plot or plot device, or even who the characters are?


I would be interested in providing some writing if you can provide some more information like the poster above.

the name implies a bird, I like fat burbs

Lol, the game has nothing to do with birds, at least not yet. Maybe someone will write an event about fat birds for you.

As to plot I didn’t exactly intend for this to be a story based game where the game leads you through a story however it could be taken in that direction during or after development seeing as i’m leaving the events open to being modified.

Right now the character is strictly a female age 18+, although if i get around to it i may make it such that you can play as either male or female, although that would mean that events either would have to be unisex or write twice as many events for both sexes.

The setting is a city which you live within a certain distance of(depending on what you pick for housing) and either walk, ride the buss, or drive a car into to. Again back to this being more akin to a simulation than a story. The story of your character would be what happened to her while you were playing. These events would be a text or snip-it of story of what happened to the character while riding the buss into the city, or some sort of event for the checking out of the grocery store if at that location.

I have made a small program to use to help in writing events to the game. It just takes what you write and inputs and stores it in a way that my game will understand. The event can involve an item(can have multiple of same item like 3 cookies) which the character receives, and either goes into their inventory or or they eat immediately. Also you can specify a weight that the character should be near for the event to happen, along with a probability of how likely an event should be chosen(some events should not have a 100% chance of happening every time).

Current locations in the game as of now is the characters home, Grandios Groceries, Reality Realators, Dingo Diner, Itchy Italian(all the locations are alliterations,if someone can come up with a better one for an italian restrunt im all ears), Supple Subs, Butterball Burgers, Tasty Tacos, Jiggle Gym(will have a weight room, pool, and track), Universal University, and of course the city itself if your exploring. I have intentions to adding multiple more office like locations.

So, i intended for people to write the as many events for a location as they please using my little program then save(the save list button) that to a file using the name of the file to let me know what location those events are for.

This post is getting fairly long so im going to leave a link to the program and see what you guys think, let me know if you want more direction.

P.S. The only character on the keyboard you cannot use while writing is the ~.

MEGA -updated link


the title implies birds, I want fat birds

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i got this when i gonna use the program"This application failed to start because no qt platform plugin could be initialized. Reinstaling the application may fix this problem." the problem i already reinstaled that and i open it whit 7zip and unrar some tip to open? :C

i will have to look into that it works fine for me so i may have missed including a resource for the application for it to work on other peoples computers.

Ok new link i apparently didn’t create the dependent files correctly i think i got it correct this time. Thanks for your guys patience with me first time trying to create a program others could use. Here is a link to the program:

I’m not particularly concerned about whether there will be fat birds but I would like to know why you titled it Project Raven-ous. The program sounds interesting so I’ll poke at it.

Well the games name is Ravenous, seemed fitting for a game about eating and weight gain, then i liked the sound of Project Raven for a super secret code name for working on the game so, i kinda combined them in the post to be Project Raven-ous. Idk kinda stupid but oh well. Hope that makes more sense.

Getting pretty close to releasing a pre-alpha look at the game to give anyone interested in writing somewhat of a look at how the game will function, i have a fair bit of foundation laid, working mostly on the gui.

well the title still makes me think there will be fat birbs, and if there are none I will be seriously disappointed

The name seems to be throwing people off, so rather than making the game about birds (which it doesn’t sound like you want to do), you should either name the character Raven to make the title connect to the actual content or just drum up a new name. Keeping in line with alliteration, maybe something like “Voracious Venture” or something else that’s similar to the current name could work.

Lol you guys are killing me with the bird thing. The games name is Ravenous, i might consider changing it to Ravenous Raven, however i was planing leaving the characters name to be input by the player, since this is not a story on rails game, and rather more of a simulator… so that doesn’t really work.

That’s up to OP, and he outright said it has nothing to do with birds, so it’s probably safe to say that it doesn’t.


One compromise I can think of, considering someone really wants fat birbs, is adjusting the setting on a scale of realism to fantasy. From what I read so far, it’s going to be in a modern setting, since there’s a city. Question is how realistic will the game be? Will there be any magic/sci-fi elements implemented, either through gameplay like special items, or story elements like a wizard character for example?
There’d certainly be a space for fat birbs there if some fantasy element is added somewhere.

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I’m going to step in and remind everyone that the end product is going to be up to the content creator. If you don’t feel like this end product is going to appeal to you, the fastest way to get on everyone’s bad side is to incessantly badger the content creator (who has already expressed other intentions) to cater to your whims instead of their own.

More straight forward, if the content creator has already addressed a suggestion, don’t bring it up again.


Oh. Welp, I apologize for adding to the whole bird thing.

I mean, I’ve heard ‘bird’ used as (probably slightly outdated) slang for a woman, so that kind of works out lol.
To move away from that tangent, do you plan to inclide endings in the base game?

Ending implies a story or plot to end or a good goal to reach, such as a certain weight, or complete a certain task. Seeing as this is not a story based game and outside of ending someones play through arbitrarily because they reached x weight, why should i end it if someone is still enjoying playing. Now although there are no “predetermined good endings” you can meet game end conditions for killing your character or other things that would be game ending.

status update: chasing bugs other wise almost ready to release that pre-alpha look