puzzle-platformer type game?

hello! i’ve had a tiny idea for a puzzle platformer type weight gain game!

so it starts off normal, just a few simple tutorial levels with the stereotypical floating text to guide you.

but near the end of the tutorial, some collectibles start appearing. when you collect them, a new meter on the top left of the screen comes up, called pounds. everytime you collect (well, eat) a collectible, the pounds meter slightly goes up by like, 0.1 or whatever depending on the type of food (fries give less than full cakes, etc)

the voice just sort of ignores it, and the tutorial ends. the player should start to notice as they collect more collectibles, their sprite slowly starts to get fatter, starting off with a tiny tummy but it slowly growing so that their default shirt doesn’t fit. as the player gets fatter, it gets a bit harder to move (your movement speed and jump-height are decreased) which makes some of the levels harder.

i did have an idea for making the game simply about avoiding the food, but that’s no fun, is it? we want the player to actually get bigger. so you can avoid the collectibles, but it gets very hard the later you go.

anyway, to get around the levels, there will be props and stuff that you have to carry and push around to be able to get up a simple jump that you could’ve done easily in the beginning of the game.

game will probably end with player being 1000+ pounds on the final level, dunno much about story yet though

oh and, like all of my ideas, customization needs to be there too. you can be a dude, a girl, or androgynous/nonbinary (seriously, why is every post on here about girl wg? other genders exist man)

tell me your thoughts!

update 1: more ideas. ik a lot of people want stuff that like, make someone/the player a blob or immobile but it’s not a bad thing. could add that. if you collect every collectible by a certain level, you’ll be so fat you can’t move. so you get a pair of hands or something that you now control that kind of make the game easier. but you have to collect every collectible beforehand


maybe add some counters. to better say. a fat player has problems with jumping and stuff. but obstacles ranging from fans or even more deadly like spikes have less affect to a fat player. and maybe diffrent endings like a fat player who gets weight 1000 or something gets one ending and a thin player get another. part of me says since the thin ending would be harder to get maybe it ends with a fatter player then the fat end

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yeah i was thinking about a thin ending. if you collect as little collectibles as possible, you get a secret ending that ends in like force-feeding or something

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