Recommendations for games with good descriptions?

Been playing a few games on the site for a wee bit, but I was wondering if anyone had any good recommendations for games with more detail oriented around descriptions of weight gain and being stuffed?


You tried Noone’s Fatty Text Adventure Game?


I have indeed, one of the more well rounded games fer sure.




Worshippers of the Gain?
Gaining Perspective?

not mine but fatty text adventure works

Worshippers is a good one I’ve played and enjoyed, Gaining perspective I’ve played but wasn’t too to enthralled with. You start to see a wee bit of my issue, I’ve consumed a bit of the mediums available. That being said, on the subject of Fatty Text Adventure, apparently Noone is trying his hand at a new title. It’s only had it’s very first release and a bug fix I think, so it’s not too far along, unfortunately.


Hang on. Noone came back?

Yes he is but his new game is really small at the moment.

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Where can I find it?

I believe it’s on but you might want to search him up on a regular browser instead of the site because isn’t very helpful when it comes to finding a specific creator and there seems to be multiple usernames called noone

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Mountain of Food by noone_fa Here’s the new project, but be aware that it’s very bare bones atm. It only has 1 stage of weight gain, but a few stuffing scenes, a number fo them being ‘bad ends’.

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