Research Station M-00 v1.3.1, a Cow Girl Expansion Game

I thought the purple one was just weight gain with incidental breast growth and milk because cow asteroid.

That’s blue. Purple is bigger cow features and bigger breasts

Oh, right, blue was WG, not purple.

I was at least only a shade off though, not bad for having a brain currently being fried by an annoying last burst of summer heat.

Making a blue girl like you’re describing is about the equivalent of what I did with yellow for Sage. The distribution can be variant and Sage got a bottomheavy variant. A similar thing would happen to a blue girl where, although the breasts grow, the butt grows more, and maybe the belly if I can make Koikatsu cooperate.

I still suggest that contest idea, in universe it’d be a little fun for those wanting to participate, and for the ones who don’t, they get a show.

Before downloading I’ll ask the obvious question, can old saves work on the current version?

They should if my testing worked the way I intended for it to.

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So, normally, when I’m working on an update, I keep all the details close to my chest until it gets released. It’s me and the wonderful little group of people I like to brainstorm with until I release an update.

I wanted to launch a Patreon, but I really didn’t want to hold any releases hostage for a week or more, because I hate patron-exclusive releases with a passion.

I’ve instead opted to just open the gates to the update process, allowing patrons access to information about the next update, who the new girl is, what they resonate, etc. as well as access to playtesting builds (of which v1.3 already has one available for them) and the ability for them to offer feedback on the development process and potentially add something to the update that would not have been possible had I not done this and continued to keep development close to my chest.

That being said, you can access my Patreon here and see the dumbest patreon banner you’ve ever seen in your life.

v1.3 is well underway. New girl’s just finishing up stage 5.


One sprint and a patreon later, we have v1.3!

  • TWO New Girls
  • Sage Size 7
  • Unlock Icon updated for more visibility
  • Prompt added at the start of the game to enable Colorblind Mode

My reward for staying up late

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healthy competition for MC’s love
loved it <3


Finally reached the end of the content, loved every second of it. Obviously I have my biases of what girls/body types I like and what I wanna see more of, but ultimately enjoyed the game a ton. Also, didn’t expect to actually kinda like the world/story.

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Played through the new update.
Love the new girls, here’s hoping that Isabelle ends up the bigger one.


Chloe is a treasure. Green 4 Lyfe.

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Found a typo which causes a renpy exception:

  File "game/screens.rpy", line 756, in <module>
    elif kiokolevel == 6 and kiokostorylock3 == false:
NameError: name 'false' is not defined

Python was expecting False there.

As a workaround, if the player goes to milk Kioko, the Status menu works again.

If you redownload the hotfix then that issue should be fixed

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Thank you! I’m still getting the issue JohnQ reported on the Interact screen: pressing h causes renpy to hide the character and background, showing the bed background and no character.

That’s just something that has happened because of how I made the interact screen. I know it’s happening but I don’t have a fix for it yet.

Hi. Great game. I love it.
However, how i can unlock Outfit tier 2?

This is your best game, in a mile! Love the gameplay, everyones personality and how it changes every stage and unlocking newer characters. I have been wondering, is there stage 7 for everyone or only for Sage?

edit: I now know how to get them too stage 7, this game is amazing…