Rise of the Great Bloom: A 5E expansion adventure

Rise of the Great Bloom is an 8th level, expansion-themed 5E adventure for up to four players. The cult of the Great Bloom has overtaken the forest region of Crann Moher, threatening it’s inhabitants and the surrounding kingdoms. Trapped inside, can you team up with the residents of Fort Terraldo and stop their ambitions, or will you just become more fertilizer for the Great Bloom? Only one way to find out!

Rise of the Great Bloom includes multiple illustrations, tokens for every character and NPC, and maps for every location in the game that are compatible with virtual tabletops such as Roll20.

Check it out at: Rise of the Great Bloom by Red Deer Studio


Well! thank you for posting this!

I knew the about you guys because of the visual novels you produced. I ran some Fetish oriented campaigns in the past, so i will be curious to see how my designs compare to actual writers!

I don’t know if you are one of the members of Red Deer Studio, but i send my regards to all the various members of this budding group. Looking forward to hosting a game with this once i have some budget to try it :slight_smile:

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Hi, so I’m running this adventure for my players. But since Reynald is the only one with stats listed, I’m not sure what to do for the other NPCs. How much health should they have for example? For context I’m a new DM and I’m filling out NPC sheets in Foundry.