Roleplay & Such!

Hi, so I’m not entirely sure about how the new forum is organized but I was unable to find a dedicated section for roleplay. Has it been overlooked, removed from the site altogether or banned?

If none of the above are true, please fill me in and I will relocate my post as appropriate <3 otherwise, if anyone is interested in doing WG RP with a submissive female feedee, feel free to send me a private message and we can discuss the details!

It was decided that RPs where outside the scope of this site so the entire section was removed.

Unfortunate, since there aren’t any forums I’ve come across outside of here with such sections anyways. But I, of course, respect the decision and see the site ownership’s valid reasoning for doing so <3

I would like to state however that if reintroducing that section is ever taken into consideration, it was quite popular and (without statistically verified evidence to back my claim) seemed to bring the site more activity in other sections too. That’s how I found the forum after all ^^

Anyways, thank you for your time and help Grotlover! :3

Here’s a thought!

What if someone set up a Discord server, and there were different text channels for different locations in the game? Like a town made of chat rooms! So there could be a tavern (because every RPG needs a tavern!) and some users could be given the tavern-keeper role so that they can act as moderators while everyone else hangs out. Or a bakery channel, and there the bakers can post pictures of cakes and eclairs! And if we were feeling adventurous, we could use that place as sort of a hub for people who want to play with those weight gain rules for TTRPGs! The tavernkeepers could give quests and dungeon masters could lead adventuring parties as various DMPCs. Maybe we could keep track of everyone’s loot, too!

I fail to see how this post adds to the topic unless you misunderstood @KittyCat16 original question. I would ask that next time you create your own topic. Also, going to close this topic as the question was answered and there is really no further discussion on this issue.