Roundbound 0.3 Seafoam Update

Update 3.0 “Seafoam Update” is now out!

Roundbound is a game following the adventure of Robin, a woman who is visited by the Goddess of Gluttony. Robin is given Aria’s Blessing- a special gift from the goddess that causes rapid weight gain in people wherever she goes. It becomes her mission to travel across the world of Demarara and fatten people up to help the goddess recover her strength. However- various dungeons, enemies, puzzles, and other weight gain related shenanigans will get in her way… Will Robin complete her quest of fattening up as many people as she can, or will she be immobilized before she can finish it?

Most recent version (0.3) Windows

Game & Fetish Elements

Game: Battling, basic puzzles, level up system, abilities, magic, equip system

Fetish: Weight gain, stuffing, inflation, immobility, burping, stuckage, teasing

3.0 Features

Inspection: Stop at any point to inspect your party and their current size. See just how big they are and how they interact with each other at their current weights.

Weight Gain: The party will gain weight and fatten up as they travel across the world. Different areas might open up depending on their size and people might even make a comment if approached at a specific weight. It even effects battle, the party might be able to take more hits when they’re obese- but they’ll move a lot slower as well. Pick what weight you set the party at very carefully!

Cooking: While in game, go across the world and collect ingredients and cookbooks to make various foods. Different foods will give the party different effects and buffs, or can be made for NPCs to complete quests.

Bad Endings: When losing an important battle, there will be a bad ending that plays for the party. If the party wins, they’ll still have the choice to view the bad ending before being able to continue the story.

Minigames: There will be various minigames scattered across the world that give out different rewards and prizes. There’s one currently, but many more are planned.

General Update Notes

-Added several maps, enemies, and new abilities
-Added new sidequests and main story quests
-Added a new opening cutscene to the farm
-Added cooking system
-Added field enemies across the world
-Added special dialogue depending on characters weight
-Added Chicken Chase minigame
-Added viewable map to party menu
-Balanced enemies
-Changed battle windows
-Changed main menu screen
-Edited and reworked all the the dialogue in the game
-Removed random encounters
-Updated several previous maps

I just want to give a special thanks to some people for getting this update out. Specifically my friends CJ, Erron, Choak, Slipstream, and the Stuffing RPG server. They all helped the game out in one way or another and really helped to keep me going through development.

As usual if you have any comments, questions, or feedback about the game leave a post on the forums here or send me a message on discord if you want to reach out to me more directly (@Round#8776). As usual, if you’re interested in helping the game with new sprites, RPGMaker MV tips or other suggestions send me a message on discord.

Enough talk, enjoy the update! :wink:


loving this so far. but there seems to be a problem with the bunny suit girl in the first inn

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some spelling…


There are a whole lot of typos all over the game, but I didn’t fuss about them too much because that is fairly typical for the genre. The combat of the game isn’t tedious after you get Robin’s Dual Attack, which is nice. On the downside, the various weight levels don’t seem to do anything in combat. Being stuffed repeatedly seems like it should have some downside or permanent-ish effect, in my opinion. On the upsides, I enjoyed being able to do a variety of quests and get a lot of people fatter, which was fun.

Bug wise: Robin oddly cannot wear chainmail armor but Clare can. This seems like it should be reversed since Robin seems to be a warrior archetype.

Balance wise: Consider replacing Static Spear with a 3 all-enemy Ice Pellet for Clare on level 7 maybe? I never got to use Meditate so it seems like a dead skill. Robin’s Pitch Rock also didn’t get much use because Dual Attack was just far better to use pretty much every time (though since it was a process of you learning how to use stuff, it makes sense in being something that you were just feeling out how to do it maybe?)

This is very nice for practice, thanks for sharing!


I’m impressed with a first release like this. There are certainly a few typos here and there (surprised doesn’t have a z in it, for instance) but otherwise it looks quite promising.

I’ve also apparently got the maturity of a child as this typo made me giggle.


Shoulder Bash seems a bit underwhelming, it looks like it does the same damage as a normal attack.



If you give the chocolate back to the blue hared girl you get a blackscreen and nothing happens

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I enjoyed the demo.
The bunny girl is bugged. Screen fades out but stays faded.
Couple of typos but those aren’t a big deal honestly speaking.
I’m assuming being fat will provide benefits or detriments down the line? Otherwise I don’t see a reason for the weight loss crystals if it’s only a graphical thing.

Also if you go to the merc tent and eat the food, if Clare was super stuffed from the eating contest, she actually reverts a weight stage to chubby.

Otherwise, it’s a really good start. Keen to see it fleshed our further.


Thanks for the feedback, I’ll try to go and fix the bugs in the game- they seem to be pretty easy fixes.

Also thanks for pointing out the typos- RPGMaker doesn’t have any spell check and I chicken peck the keyboard when I type so I often fuck up words. I’m planning on just using google docs or something to draft all the dialogue in the future.

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Game’s looking good so far, premise is good, dialogue doesn’t drag, and the play has been pretty fun, save for the chocolate girl and beer bread bunny black screens.
Hope it goes well in the fixing, and for future content.

Hi, just wantet to say that I really love this game so far!
Keep up the good work! ^^


Whenever I see a game where I am given a chance to fatten up other people, I have a big smile on my face.

I will be keeping a -very- close eye on this game!

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With the bunny girl i got the same a blackscreen

From a tech level, i only black screened on the chocolate coin girl.

From a story level, please continue this, this has quite alot of potential to it.


Finally, a Baltimore hon is represented in fetish gaming!

I have to say this is not a bad start I do like the idea of the game that by helping the goddess the world will slowly get fatter but it would be a good idea to have on the menu away to keep track of your quests.

Love the game! There are plenty of typos, but you probably know that already. It’s a little awkward that Clare loses weight to become chubby if she eats in the tent after the eating contest, but that might just be a limitation of the game design. The combat at the beginning of the game is very slow; I suggest either increasing Robin’s attack power or lowering the HP of Slimes, because they take far too many hits. The problem pretty much ends once Clare joins the party, though. I’m not sure if this was intended, but the fact that Robin can’t equip the chainmail feels weird to me. Those minor things aside, though, this is a great start! You have a knack for writing fun dialogue, and both of the party members are interesting characters. Sure, it’s sort of the typical ‘loves big girls’ and ‘loves to eat’ pair, but I’m always down to see more of that!


so about the black screen at the chocolate girl and bunny girl, there’s a way to fix them actually, if you don’t move and press use again the event finishes properly, I’m guessing you forgot to have an event lead into another, also I agree that I think the weight levels should be more than just ascetic, like give us new abilities, or different dialogue, I know that would be a lot of work, but I’m just suggesting stuff here, overall I did like it, I also liked how there are plenty of signs that we are getting more party members


I just tested this myself, and I found out that this only works if you use the Z key to advance the dialogue. If you use the left mouse button, as I often prefer to do in RPG Maker games, the scene gets stuck. Pressing Z or Enter does nothing, but I can still open the menu and return to the title screen.