Roundbound: Gaining for a Goddess v5.0 - Famitu update

Holy crap, I love your stories! ^w^ Btw, how did you find out the codes to the magic door? I could only find ‘Grim’ because I’m not too smart. ^_^;


Well this was a fun update because the story is moving nicely with good ideas and I love the new character because she has a neat back story with tons of room to “grow” and I would love to see were her story goes but this game needs better fast travel and more games for the casinos.

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Hopefully someone will post the video of the game on youtube after playing it in case anyone wants to see it what it’s like.

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Yes- there is one Bloatberry that is currently bugged and the v5.1 update will include a few more minutes of bonus content with an additional Bloatberry to collect aswell!

I really want to implement some form of slots, so if I find a way be prepared. Also, I’m planning to add a better fast-travel system in the next big update! Stay tuned for that!


I kept getting inconsistent 2-card match wins on and off again, until I noticed that this prize (at least, I wasn’t tracking them before) corresponds to a 3 Sword match when visually one of the cards is clearly not a sword. Not sure what is going on here exactly but it might be worth checking into.

*Edit: just got the same Sword-Sword-Chalice match, so at least one of the Chalices seems to be counting as a Sword instead

Aaaaaand here’s another Chalice misbehaving. I wonder if it’s the same one…?


Chalice acts as a wild card, filling in whatever two cards of the same suite you got!


Well I helped everyone in with the dots over their heads in the capital, what should be my next move?

I didn’t find any hints other than “Grim” myself. I just tried putting in a couple of names and they worked. I think that the ones I found are vital enough to the game experience that they should be shared, but I’ll happily edit them out if requested for whatever reason.

To get the Gun, type Gun, and to get the Bloatberry type Bloatberry.

P.S. Thanks for the compliment!


help I can’t save instead of yk saving it gives me this error sound and doesn’t work

apologies because i’m sure this is answered in here somewhere, but where are the girls chocolate coins in stonewell?

IIRC they’re on the path just south of town (back the way you came towards the farm)

so just finished replaying the whole game and other than the 2 content bugs that other people have aleady reported i love it

Not sure if i reached the end of the content but want to make sure. I finished the desert area and now it is telling me to go east of the capital but there is a old lady blocking my bath and i cant enter the captial.

Yes that is end as far as i know

Couple of quest questions on how to complete them.

  1. The old lady who dropped her purse in the well, how do I obtain it for her? I’m a dummy, even though I interacted with every object and person I could think of or try in that town where you help the farm girl with the pig competition before you could go to seatown. Or is it a quest you cannot currently complete?

  2. Regarding the bunny costumes to infiltrate the casino, where can I find them?

Amazing update overall by the way, keep up the good work Roundbound!

1 there is wall outside of town that you can interact with
2 you can get them by talking to one of the casino employes


pardon me for asking but how do i get the bloatberry behind the sword door in the brewery?

am i missing something obvious?

speaking of bloatberries, I take it there may be a guide for them eventually?

Got like 20-26 now at this point, not counting the magic door one (wherever that door is, I will find it…). Is it true all bloatberries are outdoors and inside dungeons?

this bloatberry is know to be buged

gotcha thank you very much i wont worry about trying to get it then