Roundbound: Gaining for a Goddess v5.1 - Famitu update

Which version, 5.1?
First, check, if your download was not corrupted, namely the file icudtl.dat in same directory as Game or nw files.
Second, try nw as well as Game. Only nw works for me, Game gives me another error (Unknown Error: illegal-access).

Is there a way to turn the “typing” effect on dialogs off? I wanted to play latest version, but it is super annoying when I played this game (previous versions) already three times, I gave up already on second screen. Edit: I mean not only the sound, but also to display whole text instantly.

The download seems intact but I never knew nw was another executable for the game. Isn’t that name too unintuitive? I tried it and it works perfectly. Although it does print a bunch of errors like this:

Fontconfig warning: “/etc/fonts/fonts.conf”, line 5: unknown element “its:rules”

Thank you very much. At least, now I can play the game

I can’t seem to find any of the passwords for the cave at the chateau. does anyone have any hints as to where they might be found?

One is in the dialouge in of the girl that starts you sniffing for the door, a few are appearently in the pizza hut

found nothing yet, i’ll keep looking

I have a bug where I don’t have the sword key for the mansion, I’ve gotten to the point where I can collect the berries but since one is in there and the key has disappeared I can’t do anything, and I’m too far into the game to simply go back to a previous save and continue on

I am loving this game so much, especially the characters. So far, Madeline is my favorite party member and I’m hoping to get another one soon in the game. Can I suggest the features that are in the train game come here, and this game mechanics go to the train game? I especially love doing the quick time events, and if those were in this game, that would be amazing!

By chance, can I get a picture of Madeline? I’d love to get art of her if that’s okay?

Awesome game!
Wish there was a machine gun to deal with multiple enemies during random encounters, but eh, there’s always the Escape option.
I do have a question, though:

Where’s the key for this door?
The ghost in the center of the room talks about another ghost above (while he’s looking upwards/northwards by default), but there’s no ghost there, and the fireplace in the back center of the room is blocked by an opened chest.
Have I gotten locked out of something when I first explored the brewery?

The key is somewhere on the desert, but you have to almost end the story there to get it, is on the next stage at the right part of the city pretty much in the corner


Thank you for the quick reply!

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You can use the gun with multiple characters a turn to kill all enemies.

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Wait, hold up. That’s what that key is for? I’d been pulling my hair out trying to find where that was used.


How can I get this fruit?

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You need to find the old shield key in the desert (interact with every tombstone you see, you’ll eventually find the one).

how to make the round shake?

Ik its a tad late but, checked the recipe requirements or talked to npcs?

I have an issue, I seem to be stuck in the Old House part. I have no idea how to get to the room with the ladder, and have no clue how to open the chest in the right room. I looked everywhere for anything and I just have no idea how to progress.
Yes, I got the utility rope but I can’t find a place to use it in the manor or anywhere on the island. I need help, I want to continue the story.

Edit: I noticed that there is pulsating white ring around Aria’s diary even after I read it. Is that quest bugged? I really don’t want to load my older save as it is pretty long time ago

Nevermind, Im fucking stupid