Roundbound: Gaining for a Goddess v5.1 - Famitu update

Which version, 5.1?
First, check, if your download was not corrupted, namely the file icudtl.dat in same directory as Game or nw files.
Second, try nw as well as Game. Only nw works for me, Game gives me another error (Unknown Error: illegal-access).

Is there a way to turn the “typing” effect on dialogs off? I wanted to play latest version, but it is super annoying when I played this game (previous versions) already three times, I gave up already on second screen. Edit: I mean not only the sound, but also to display whole text instantly.

The download seems intact but I never knew nw was another executable for the game. Isn’t that name too unintuitive? I tried it and it works perfectly. Although it does print a bunch of errors like this:

Fontconfig warning: “/etc/fonts/fonts.conf”, line 5: unknown element “its:rules”

Thank you very much. At least, now I can play the game

I can’t seem to find any of the passwords for the cave at the chateau. does anyone have any hints as to where they might be found?

One is in the dialouge in of the girl that starts you sniffing for the door, a few are appearently in the pizza hut