Roundbound: Gaining for a Goddess v5.1 - Famitu update

oops, he tells me, if they are translations made by me, it’s because I don’t speak English well and I wanted to enjoy his game better and understand it better Xd

Does anyone know what to do after this part? I saved in this place a few months ago and I forgot what to do next.

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It’s been a while since I played myself. Not getting an updated version/new content or even having status updates from the creator does that more often than not.

Anyways, If I remember my playthrough right, check the sphere and papers. If that fails, go to the miscolored tile and jump back.

I meant where I was supposed to go after this old house part, because I think I remember there was some sort of important dialogue from the orb telling me what to do next but I forgot what it was. Thank you though.

If I remember right, the orb unlocks a cave somewhere else on the island.

Hello, does anyone know what the password to the door of destiny is because I’m racking my brain to find the password and I even searched old saves

whats the code? i have used my brain but i still cant

what is the code? i have tried but cant ;-;

You just pulled a memory from beyond the vails for me. I wrote the answer right up here 2 years ago almost down to the date. Just follow the same instructions I wrote and you should get the answer as I hope the puzzle itself hasn’t changed lol

Good luck!

P.S. Go to the message I replied to

How do i get past the bolder puzzle in the forgotten shrine?

try to scroll above,

2 questions, where are the weight dojo and how solve the rocks puzle, some one can help me pls?

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you can find the dojo in the desert and wich rock puzzle are you talking about? can you post a picture?

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this is the boulder puzzle problem I’m having

I really hope this will help you, is not the best explanation but it’s the actual solution

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ty so much your the best!