Royal Banquet: A quick princess themed, stuffing romp. (DISCONTINUED)

It would be very interesting, there’s even a suitor, remember that there are some guys at the banquet table after she finished eating who hit on her because her body became super attractive.

and with the intractions with the maid its clear she likes what happen with the princess has well


I’m probably just dumb, but can we have hints to the secret passage. I mean I get its secret and all but I’d like to see it

Ooh, chubby princess game! Really enjoyed this one, hopefully there are updates coming soon!

(Sorry I was under the impression that the game was cancelled or something, so I went back and edited my message lol)

Posted a final status update to this old, old “game” of mine. Apologizes for necrobumping.


I’m sorry to hear that, but glad to be updated. This one was always a favorite of mine. Would it be okay for us to expand the game with fan-made content?


well it is okay things changes in life and we have to change with it but all I can say is good luck on your next idea.

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Holy shh i thought you dead or something lmao. I’m glad you still alive and i wish you luck with your next projects this year ^ ^

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As far as I’m concerned your game isn’t “Discontinued or abandoned”. It’s finished. You have multiple enjoyable endings and a decent amount of game time should someone choose to see them all. That sounds like a nice finished game wrapped in a tidy bow to me.