Royal Banquet: A quick princess themed, stuffing romp.

Heya, name’s Aerilate.
I tried the RPGMaker MV demo and using that short time period I put together what I hesitate to call a “game.” It’s more of a short 15-20 minute fetish experience.

What to expect:

  • You play as an unnamed spoiled princess who’s being forced to attend a midday luncheon. You’re not too happy about this. Unfortunately your mother is the queen, and her word is law…
  • About everything is interactable in a way, nearly all the furniture pieces and NPC’s have something to say. This comes into play with the game’s main sequence: the banquet itself.
  • The banquet minigame will dictate how round you end up getting. In turn, that changes how the NPC’s and certain items are reacted to. There’s two “paths” and endings, so two playthroughs are recommended to get the full experience.
  • There’s a heavy bias towards burps, belly noises, and teasing. And of course, stuffed princess tummies.

My RPGMaker demo has ran out, so any future updates probably won’t be until the next Steam Sale. I just wanted to post this here because I’d like to see criticism, any possible unseen bugs reported, and general feedback on this short experience I created. In the future (if motivation persists) I want to add extra pathways, different endings, and other types of expansions.

I’d also like to thank a good friend of mine, Pacci-d, for making custom expressions for the princess, changing said palette for the princess sprite that’s already in game, and essentially helping me figure out RPGMaker as a whole. Without him, this project probably would’ve fallen flat on its face. He makes general expansion art (mostly pregnancy themed) but if you’d like to check him out, he has a Deviantart page here: Pacci-d - Hobbyist, Digital Artist | DeviantArt

mediafire link here: Royal Banquet v1


Really well made! Short but I was surprised at how many variations of lines you had for almost every object depending on how stuffed the princess is. I’m certainly looking forward to future games from you. I only hope the next RPGMaker sale is soon.


A good effort! ExtrudedSquared’s comment caught my eye also and I was impressed with the number of NPCs with differing personalities you had created as well. Really fleshed out the banquet minigame having such a crowd.

Also amusing if you talk to the guard in the corridor, the chicken continues the same path and starts effectively chasing the guard haha.

Happy to see the Overstuffed ending had the princess changing her tune too~


I can’t wait to where this goes, even if we have to wait a few months to see it. Fattening up the princess, and perhaps others, too, will be fun.


seems intresting gonna try it out


Short and sweet, I really enjoyed it. Some fun dialogue, fun little mini game, tons of little interactive bits… really good showing for a first timers game. A very fun concept too. Maybe a little more could be done on her trying to be polite, but suffering because she needed to burp/whatever, but that’s me always wanting more. Good work, I hope you are able to get RPG Maker and continue working on new things!


Thank you for the kind replies thus far.

Once I acquire the program, I’ll get to work on the first Bad End, mostly concerning the kitchen’s maids.
Afterwards, lots of different stuff - mostly a different pathway, a bit of a lengthier stuffing sequence, and some sprite changes.

The thing I’m looking for most feedback on is the minigame itself. Is it too easy or too hard thus far? Anything you’d add or change yourself? Nerds post is something I’ll keep in mind.


The minigame is easy, but I doubt that its difficulty matters. If you’re only focusing on making a fetish game, I’d caution you against trying to “challenge” the player too much. From what I have seen, challenging gameplay only frustrates the player, as it serves as an obstacle to fetish content.


I downloaded the game, now just play and see if it’s good: D


All I have to say is…“cluck fucking cluck”. Great game so far honestly though, lot of fun


Played through and got the overstuffed ending, will go back through and see the other ending, have to say really enjoyable experience, your dialogue writing for the characters is great. Really appreciate the quick start allowing you to get to know the princess by exploring her room, overall her character is quite enjoyable to witness and the chats with the guests do foreshadow some interesting future interactions. Sound effects were well done, really like how you paced the scene after the stuffing, the descriptions and object interactions was definitely something I was not expecting and brought a nice extra dimension of immersion.

Regarding the mini game I think that was perfectly fine, for me having the minigame centered around acquiring the food is fine but I also enjoy minigames centered around the consumption of the food as well, not saying that was necessary, I just notice that a lot of times there is a balance to be struck in terms of the ‘acquiring of food’, ‘consumption of it’, and of course the ‘aftermath’, in this case the consumption part was relatively short in favor of the other two, again not a bad thing, just something that came to mind, honestly its a preference and could be played with in different ways.

Keep up the great work! will try to get the second ending now hehe


I was genuinely surprised at how funny and well-made this was. Like, damn.

Great stuff, if you’re working on more content I’m super excited to see what you have in store.


Decided to give it a go :slight_smile:


Again, thank you so much for all these warm replies!
I hadn’t expected two Let’s Plays in a single day, lol…

I’ve written down a short goal list of what to expect in future versions of this game, from short-term goals to long-term ones.

Next Update:

  • Bad End in the kitchen concerning the maids.
  • Lengthier stuffing session in both Stuffed! and Overstuffed! pathways.
  • More interactable objects in the kitchen.

Short-Term Goals:

  • A better belly sprite overall
  • A headband change for the Head Maid, to tell her apart from her subordinates
  • An four-way room which leads down other paths, though blocked for now.

Long-Term Goals:

  • Several different pathways leading to different expansions. These will include pregnancy, slime expansion, blueberry expansion, and of course general weight gain. Examples being heading into a secret dungeon where the slime king would live…
  • More interactions with NPC’s. Specific pathways will have you encounter one or two NPC’s from the dining hall.
  • A unique, original sprite for the Princess, instead of being a palette swap with the princess sprite already ingame.
  • More bad ends
  • An eventual male option where you can play as a spoiled Prince, if you so desire.
  • Hairstyle selection screen, simply for customization.

Once more, thank you for all the warm responses thus far. 1k downloads already - it feels almost overwhelming.

This will most likely be the last time you hear from me until I acquire RPGMaker - unless you have more questions about the game thus far. Once more, thank you all very much!


If you have not already considered this, I’d like to recommend putting this game up on, since it has a nice ‘pay what you want’ system that could help with acquiring funds for purchasing RPGMaker MV. Personally I’d gladly donate to help you continue your creative work on this.

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