Another small game. You are a manager of a model agency. You can make round bellies fashion. You can switch on and off weight gain at the start.

This time I was not alone with the dialogues and thanks for the help. Some of the dialogues are still mine, because I added them during writing the script, but I hope general impression will be better than before :slight_smile:

Warning! Read this before you buy!

If you follow me, you should know, that for now I create multiple short games with some sort of game mechanics in almost standard interface. It is literally a bunch of images, that appear in different circumstances and there is almost no weight gain. All my games are stuffing games. And for me the main value is that they are different. Different models, morphs, clothes, different style of interactions. Every game is an experiment. They are as they are. Some people, such as me like such things and diversity. So if you are not into it, i ask you to understand and to forgive))


I really like this game, its a little short just like you mentioned but what is in the game is really cool.
The 3d rendered environments and characters look amazing.
The slight weight gain and stuffed belly look really good and i love the way she is able to eat more later on.
1 issue i noticed was when Monica couldn’t eat anymore, instead of Monica saying she couldn’t eat, it was Ann saying it.

I cant wait to see more games made by you.
I personally would love to see a bigger/longer game with some more weight gain going on, but that is just personal preference haha.