Hello everyone, Infinite-Loup here, known some places as Wuff Fox. Been lurking around these forums for quite a long time and a fan of some of the projects on here. I do a bit of writing and art, though both too infrequent for my tastes, and much of it tends to involve furry. Decided to finally register at the suggestion of fellow writer and all-around awesome guy, KaptainKQ!

Just figured I’d try to get more involved in the weight gain community overall and maybe give my thoughts on some things if I tend to have any. I’ve always wanted to get into game design myself, but that’s been kind of a pipe dream. One day I hope to get something done at least though, but until then I’m eager to see what everyone is doing!


Ooooh~~ Another furry! Welcome to the site! ^w^


Always good to see another person join up! Hope you end up having lots of fun in this community with everyone.


Oh, hey. You made it over.

Welcome to Weight Gaming.


Hi! New ideas are always welcome, and so are you~
We’re all dreamers here, and I hope yours come true!

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Thanks so much for the welcome everyone! Hopefully I’m able to contribute in some way to everything that’s going on here. I really love the idea behind this forum, so it’s something I’d like to see more of. :smiley:

Oh, yo! Welcome

Hope you enjoy your time on this forum

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