Savoring Sword - Android version now available! 🍄

Bought the game! I will try it on my Steam Deck :3

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Aw thank you so much! I hope you enjoy @pOpLiK :blush:

Finally, I’ve been waiting for it to come on steam! My time has finally come, this has been my most anticipated game since Fatrifice 2 and Manor!

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@LordOfDeez That means a lot, thanks! :two_hearts: Savoring Sword is a huge stepping stone for me since it’s the biggest game I made yet! I hope Starla can handle all of the belly expansions :yum:

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Just got your collection on Steam, think I owned all but Savouring Sword on Itch, but since I got as much fun out of them as I did (and am likely to return to them again), glad to buy them again! Gonna be trying out Savouring Sword today at some point, will check back and give my thoughts soon, if I remember to at least.

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Aw thank you so much @ManOfEgg I really appreciate the support and I hope you enjoy Savoring Sword! I need to play through all of my games too again at some point. I can’t believe I started out with such a small game like Fatrifice and got as far as Savoring Sword in a year. I’m really excited to see what this year is like!

I purchased the game on Steam but where can I find the better-performance files?

@Wong_Ying_Sheng Unfortunately there arent any for Steam, they make it difficult to have multiple versions of the game. So, I ultimately had to choose the better quality one. The ‘BetterPerformance’ files are only available on Itch.

Steam does offer refunds though if you have less than 2 hours of game time.

Hi?, Does it had android version

@sadfox09 I am working on an android version and plan to have it ready sometime soon

The Greasy Update is out on Itch and Steam!

The Greasy Starla and Nudist Starla outfits have been added to Savoring Sword! They can be purchased at Akana’s shop.

Along with that, ‘Better Performance’ versions have been added to Steam! If you are running the game with less than 16GB RAM, switching to the Better Performance versions will reduced the image quality by half so the game can run more smoothly.

To do this, simply go to Savoring Sword in your Library on Steam, then click Settings > Properties > Betas and select ‘betterperformance’ from the Beta Participation tab. (Huge thank you to TeamQuimbly for showing me how!)

Some major bugs have also been fixed!

~Remember to keep the girls well fed! :candy:


The demo/previous version’s save data can be transferred to the final/paid version right? How do I do it?

@Gluttonyan All you gotta do is play the full version! :slight_smile: Your save files will automatically transfer as long as you are playing on the same computer and profile

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Game still crashes with the latest update when trying to buy any of the last two available outfits.

Sorry that is happening! I thought I coded the game properly so this wouldnt happen. @nexium Would you be able to help me out? What outfits were the last two available for you? And does the game crash or freeze?

The game freezes requiring me to ALT-F4 out of it & the two outfits are the witch and nudist ones. The same thing would happen pre-patch but with different outfits.

@nexium So I looked through the code and ran a few tests, on my end everything is working fine. Except I did realize a potential reason why this could be happening. Whenever I add new things to the shop, it scrambles up the number associated with the items. Are are playing the demo or full version? If you are playing the full version, I’m almost positive starting a New Game+ should fix the issue. Otherwise I can quickly make something that resets the shop items displayed and hopefully fixes it

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I’m playing the full version and doing NG+ makes zero difference to it freezing.

Im honestly stumped. Have you also purchased all of the modifiers? Have you modified any of the files attached to the game? Do the item descriptions match with the items displayed? Any information is helpful so i can pinpoint the issue

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I have all modifiers, I haven’t modified the game in any way, and the descriptions do match up. My best guess is when you two items left to unlock and you buy something the game hangs up for some reason.