Saying goodbye

Had fun time here, never really contributed to anything, so my abstention will not make any difference.

Admins of this place, can you make my last favor happen? If so, delete my account, please. If this is inconsiderable, or you have other more important job to do, I would not complain.

I reconsidered my life choices, and thus I am full of determination to go away and violently beat up my degeneracy which led me to the present state of things. I will never forgive myself wasting my time indulging my retarded fetish. No trolling, only sincere truth. I am tired and sick of it. This the end and the new beginning. This change will take time, but the alternative is not acceptable. The future is non-negotiable.


Don’t let the door hit you in the a** on the way out.


Whatever you are going through doesnt give you permission to degrade and poke fun of others. What we enjoy isn’t “retarded”. This will obviously fall on deaf ears as you are gone. I do hope you get things straightened out.


While I’m all for self improvement, I do have to agree that degrading others is not self improvement, and therefore is a bit of a jerk move.

That said, good luck on your future endeavors and whatnot. Perhaps you’ll come back, perhaps you’ll successfully “violently beat up your degeneracy,” only time will tell I suppose.


Good bye and good luck. Do what’s best for you! :wave:


While @vial_zib could have used a better choice of words I would like to remind everyone to remain respectful in your comments.

As for deleting you account @vial_zib please DM myself or one of the @staff so we can check if we are able to delete or have to Anonymize your account. After that we will let you know the available options and ask for your confirmation.

While its always sad to see some one go, we wish you the best of luck!


it’s interesting of you to assume u can “cure” or “beat up” a preference or part of yourself, but sure, go for it. i wish u luck and hope that in the future u will endeavour to be kinder to yourself and others like you.


Sounds a bit overdramatic, but I hope you find happiness and fulfillment in what you do next. Judging from your tone, however, I’m concerned that you’re going down a very destructive path that’s going to do you a lot more harm. I hope that either I’m wrong, or that you find a better way. Hatred isn’t going to solve your problems or make you the person you want to be. Best wishes for a great future.


Stay safe and stay healthy
At least you got something out of this at minimum
And I may not know you or you me but
But knock the world for a loop, its needs it to

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Good Luck mate. I hope you do well.

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press f to pay respects.


I’m locking this thread as there’s no good to come from it remaining open.