Saying Hi with my first post.


I’m a programmer and like big ladies.

I’ve been lurking on these forms for a long time, at least since they re-booted.

I’m working on a project that I might try to submit for the game jam.

However my art skills are lacking so don’t expect anything pretty.

If anyone has any art assets they are willing to give away, let me know.

Also, if anyone needs any coding help feel free to ask me. I’ll do what I can.
I know mostly Java and C.

I’m not the most outgoing but I’ll try to respond to post quickish.

Hey there! Glad to have you here! It’s great to see more people encouraged to join in because of Fat Fortnight. Welcome to the family~

Lol ya I get you. It sucks having to make due with shitty programmer art. But anyways happy to have ya on the site and we look forward to seeing what you come up with!

So what kinds of games are you interested in making in the future?

I’m have a project that I’ll try to release tonight for the fortnight game jam.

Outside of that I’m working on a small town management style game. Might be more of a party management style game.

The basic idea is you are the leader of a village and send out adventurers to get supplies in the form of food items. then there will be a few buildings and shops you can level up with the food you get, leading to weight gain. Then you can augment the party with gear and training from the various buildings in town.

That’s the basic idea and it is no where near completion.

I’ll let the game jam project speak for itself on it’s own post. Assuming I get it up soon.

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How did you get these ideas for your game?

well in some ways from reading this form lol.

I was trying to think of the bet way to use weight gain and fat as a game mechanic.

It didn’t take much to make a cookie clicker into a weight gain food based game. Also it was quick to code and I didn’t have a lot of time to get my entry in.

I was kinda inspired by darkest dungeon for the other game. (if it ever gets worked on)

Oh. Nice. How do you plan on making the next game?

Now that the game jam is over and I have some time I’m going to polish the cookie clicker. Someone reported they were unable to play and I want to try to fix that. Also I want to add in the ability to use your own character art in place of the silly circle.

After that I’ll start coding the back end for party management style game.

I suppose the plan is to make it in this sorta order:
-basic back end work (character properties, town properties)
-screens (menus, town screen, inventory, stats, game play screen)
-gameplay (don’t have a plan for this yet)
-art (need help here, or you all get more ellipses for character art)