Sci-Fi Metroidvania Inflation

Hi there all!
Skeletal here, posting my idea for a Metroidvania with inflation mechanics. So far, I’m looking at a classic pulp science-fiction heroine exploring a long forgotten alien planet with the aid of an AI she finds and embeds in her suit. The AI takes the form of both exposition-deliverer and one inflation method, being that with every few upgrades- her visualization grows bigger with all the new data!

Secondly, and more traditionally, I’m thinking of an upgrade that allows our heroine to inflate herself completely round so as to float and reach new areas- with the catch being that she’s susceptible to popping from sharp things or enough enemy attacks. I’d like it to be somewhat controllable, ala Wario Land 3, but I’m also considering a BE-doublejump as well.
I’ve got the basic plot down, a few upgrades, and a general art-style in mind; but have limited resources in the form of asset packs and absolutely zero artistic ability. Currently trying to find a pixel artist, but I am shy about completely committing before I have more of the basic gameplay complete.

Happy Inflating!


Pixel art, you say? How many frames are we talking here?

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Ummm… Well, I have a base animation set I quite like that one could use as reference/copy-over I got from Itch. I think it has twenty or so frames, but I’d probably need thirty at least for the full suite of classic platformer moves and a few blowups. As far as detail goes, I’m hoping for something that wouldn’t be out of place on a GBA or DS- kinda cartoony, but badass too. Like if Shantae was a space-adventurer with a raygun.
And thank you so much for responding!