[Sci-Fi WG/Expansion RP Server] Corpulent Cosmos 2.0, Year One Anniversary!

[Owner note: It is a pleasure to announce since our last announcement which was made the 21 of August at 2021, the server has been revamped and updated! I hope you all enjoy the work we put into the server and have fun with the new mechanics, we the staff of CC appreciate and thank the community we have built over the year.]

Introduction to Corpulent Cosmos
Your adventure begins today in the unknown and expanding cosmos, with up to 9 planets to explore and a never-ending horizon with elaborated text gameplay mechanics, you are free to create your own adventure alongside other players, or if you don’t wanna stretch those legs and take a look around the cosmos and feeling like relaxing… You can stay at our finest lounge with a variety of drinks that can satisfy that gullet of yours, or perhaps you wanna stay at the beach and enjoy the finest artificial sand? How about a free dining hall buffet? Our food printers are always working constantly to bring you quality food and rations.


  • Leveling up system (Veterancy System). As you complete bounties hosted by other players you open access to limitless possibilities on how your character grows and develops! Certain missions will also drop loot, credits and artifacts that can affect your character.
  • Player friendly mechanics. Our server mechanics adapt to the player’s choosing, feeling lucky and wanna try to roll in good ol’ DND style? Feeling more casual today? Worry not, you are free to choose your type of roleplay. Not to mention that our guides have been expanded to clairfy all sorts of questions and if you got a question regardless, our friendly staff will always be willing to help you out!
  • Your own story, your features. We appreciate the creativity of our community members which is why we have formats for you to make your own races, factions, planets and locations! We go as far to offer market positions with your own channels as long you have the credits, your own space with your own items that you can sell to other characters!
  • Faction reputation. Implemented a few days ago, your character can now join the two main factions of the server which offers you different rewards! We will be adding more factions in the future and players can make their own factions!

And more yet to be discovered…!

Join here down below!


I’ll vouch for this server, I’ve had a lot of fun doing role play on it and the community is great. Rules are easy to understand and get a grasp on, friendly to newcomers as well.