seeing how everyone is doing.

How’s everyone holding up this winter or whatever season it is for you?


Decently. Year decided to sucker punch me right at the start but I’m hanging in there.

…—… …—… …—… …—… …—… …—…


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Fine, feel like I’m working hard in both my main and side work. How’s everyone else?

Not great, but that’s life, I guess.

Pretty good, I’ve been working and hanging out with friends, although it’s been a year since I was in a relationship so I kind of miss the companionship (and a big, beautiful belly to rub lol)

It’s finally getting warmer at my place, so paradoxically while I’m less chilling, I’m also chillin more

My birthday has provoked an mini crisis in me and I’m not even old. 8|

Going pretty alright. Not looking forward to some expenses I need to pay in early Spring, though.

I’m just wallowing in creative block, desperate to formulate some new idea but always flopping back down into the miasma of confusion.

And I have a headache at the time of this writing.

I need some root beer or something P:

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i’m ok, i suppose. trying to actually be a useful person for once in my life and learn some skills.

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I am struggling to be productive and i am pretty sure i am loosing that battle.