Seeking Bovines! [Games]

I am chasing games that feature weight gain, lacation and udders!
I have found some games, all just started but never finished…
has anyone found gold yet?
Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:


closest in mind is the super stuffing rpg it’s one of the most polished games here but beware it includes a kink like vore and blueberry inflation.

Here’s Harvest Moo, It’s a couple years old but still pretty good

There’s no lactation but there is cowgirls

There’s Hephy’s Milk-a-thon. Lacks udders, but still a quality game.

YES! Cows for the win! I too am VERY interested in this!

Do you played Super Fatty RPG? here you can be a big cow and wolf.

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I have, being a cow is my prefered way to play. But the more the merrier! :wink:

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Nimin has a cowgirl character whose milk can turn you into a cow-person, including lactation and the addition of an udder. Weight gain isn’t an integrated part of the TF - your hips and breasts get bigger, but that’s about it - but drinking her milk regularly will definitely help you put on the pounds. :wink:

any link for that game?

You can also just eat the Dair-E pills, a bit easier and more reliable.

You can play it online or download the .swf at Nimin - Fetish Fantasy Flash v0.975 by Xadera -- Fur Affinity [dot] net, provided you have a FurAffinity account.

also, @Turbotowns - true lol, I just usually do it with Malon’s milk because it’s free and she’s adorable.

The pills can be free too at certain times.

i know two games with cowgirls the first you can earn money with her milk and buy better pills for her to grow her boobs to huge Your Own (Living) Cow Girl! v1.0 - Release by Auctus177 on DeviantArt The other game you can experiment with pills and also increase her belly, butt abn even her boobs CGFG 03 v53 by primalemotion on DeviantArt please give credits for the peopel who make it the artwork is great. :slight_smile:


any others out there? these ones i have tried and are not too shabby at all :3

The Repopulation Initiative is another game i found its a textgame with some litte art. lot of options.

Well, i have a concept of a beat-em-up game with a dracow like a protagonist.

I don’t know if you will like that idea.

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