Shop Managing Weight Gain game - JRPG

This is a new game that came out 5 hours ago, you guys might recognize that this maker of this game is the same one that made another pixiv game (仮縫い - pixiv).

Here is the link for the download: File on MEGA

Tell me what you guys think 'bout the game, as it’s looking very promising so far. Also, if it’s possible, will someone machine translate this game and upload a file to download?


Looks like he took it down due to a bug, here’s a link for the updated version.


I’ve been waiting for this. Let’s try it out!

Made a super quick and dirty machine translation. Haven’t played much, just checked if it worked. Extract the file and replace the data folder in the game files.

data.7z (89.0 KB)


And here I was, installing Google translate on my phone, lol.

lmao a game that fertilizes its employees while running a store i love this

As the “size points” increase, the neighborhood residents will also state in their conversations that their own weight is increasing

I think I’ve unlocked all the current content within about two hours of play time. Very promising start.

The only bug I encountered was with some of the maid events. It would come up “Loading Error: Retry,” and I was able to click enter and continue. That said, once the error came up once, within a few steps it would happen again until I restarted.

Nothing to cause a crash, however, and I’m definitely looking forward to more.

Played it all, it’s basically Fat Atelier, lol.

That being said, it was a blast even if I could only understand half of it. Japanese is hard man.

Excited to see more, considering his other game was also top notch.

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Hahaha! The ways I can interpret that! XD

Uhh for replacing the files of the data, it doesnt seem to work for me… the file ur talking about is the data file in the www section, am I right? Also, are there any cut scenes + images you guys have seen like this picture from the previous game? Just wondering.

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The machine translation’s a bit incomplete. The other roles you can assign to your workers(your starting two at least) are still in japanese.

The second option seems to just be “do nothing” for all of them.


That is exactly what it says, yes.

Bugfix update yesterday:


why does my winrar say that it cant open this

Any tips on how to fatten employees in game? Im still stuck not knowing wat to do

day by day, feed each employees Favourite type food, They will learn the corresponding “gluttony skills”.

How can u feed them day by day, isnt it week by week? Im on my 2nd try and cant get the maid above 60 kg…