Should I make a threqd before or after I have a proof f concept build of my game?

Mainly asked since I’m making a game, but didn’t know if it would be better to make a thread now or make it once I have an alpha done(also hoping this is tagged right)

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Once you have it done.


Project section → Projects with available gameplay.
Project ideas section → Project ideas or announcements, without available gameplay.

But there’s two problems which blur the line:

  1. Beginner developers have no experience, so it’s easy for them to get carried away and make an empty project thread. The idea is sharing their enthusiasm, as well as post updates over the coming weeks or months. But since they have no experience, they lose motivation, get stuck, become distracted, give up, discover it’s very time-consuming, etc.

  2. Forum users will heavily reward empty project threads, only because they’re ambitious and interesting. We’re talking dozens of likes and questions about planned projects which overpromise but are rarely (if ever) even started.

I suppose a fix would be like a special tag denoting whether the thread has playable content.


Thanks, I tend to suffer from 1 alot and am trying to fix that(hoping this project will break that habit) not really good at art and code yet so wanted to make the alpha first so I at least have a basis

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Thanks, I will aim to do this

There’s no right or wrong way to do it according to the forums. You can/should do what you feel works best for you and your game.

If you are looking for concept feedback, gauging interest, looking for help or advice from the community, looking to recruit additional support for your project. I don’t see the harm in having a thread up that gives users an idea of what you are working with and also servers as an announcement. (Some of these things work better with having a proof of concept/demo/alpha available).

If the plan is just to announce it for the sake of announcement. Really that’s going to be up to you if it’s worth it, does community engagement towards your idea give you a further push to get a demo out, or finish the game? Then maybe it’s the correct move for you.

But if not announcing it early doesn’t effect working on the project or it’s concept/completion for you. It might be better to wait until you at least have a demo or even until you are/almost finish your game. The idea here should probably be doing what you feel benefits you as a dev and your game the most in my opinion.