Side Project - Weight is the key to love (Twine Game WIP)

(Fyi I am the same developer of that DDLC plus WG game that got cancelled due to reasons I’ve posted on that topic if you go find it this is just my new weight gaming account due to my old one being lost)

Planned Fetishes and Kinks
*Female Weight Gain To Ridiculous Shapes
*Optional Text Focused Vore (Only Same Size Vore)
*Morbid Content
(hospitals, death feederism endings and etc
will be included but will be entirely optional)
*Optional Text Focused Slob Content
(There will not be any potty related slob content)
*Possibly Giantess WG Content
*Optional Text Focused Cumflation
*MAYBE Pregnancy Fetish
(it’ll probably be mass pregnancy if allowed
*Horror and Blood/Gore
(Only if your chosen character becomes corrupted in anyway)
*Optional Text Focused Tentacles Fetish
*Optional Text Focused Parasitic Content

Fetishes and Kinks That’ll Never Be Added
*Micro Vore (where the prey are tiny)
*Muscle Weight Gain
*Micro People Type of Vore
*Underaged Fetish Content
(Because you’re fucked up if you like that)
*Male Weight Gain
-the allowed “text focused” fetishes and kinks will not be visual since the ai cannot create it but that may change if I get a dedicated artist though

This game will have a whole bunch of weight stages so far they are {1}a completely skinny shape, {2}a slightly chubby weight stage (there will still be plentiful of skinny resemblances but there will be some obviously fattened areas just not too much of a fattened appearance yet), {3}a chubby weight stage (aka partial bbw weight stage), {4}a thick weight stage (aka full bbw weight stage) {5}multiple obese sizes which are all plentiful mobile just not completely mobile also, the size changes when a character is ready to grow but the weight stage number stays the same (Considered as #1 a SSBBW weight stage at all times and, #2 always remains the fourth weight stage but in multiple phases), {6}multiple obese sizes which are starting to have a harder time moving but are only partially mobile this time also, the size changes when a character is ready to grow but the weight stage number stays the same (Considered as #1 a partial USSBBW weight stage at all times and, #2 always remains the fifth weight stage but in multiple phases), {7}a morbidly obese weight stage meaning the character is starting to become immobile but is still only slightly mobile (aka full ussbbw weight stage), {8}a completely immobile weight stage the character can no longer move at all (aka mssbbw weight stage), there will be further weight stages but instead they’ll be weight stages 9 and above and they’ll be morphs from here on out, they will basically be morphs of the eighth weight stage. I’ll be constantly making morphs until the morphs have completely consumed the entire background of the pictures (at this point everything will be considered as completely ridiculous sizes also, I’m not that good at morphs like other morph professionals so I’ll try my absolute best but don’t complain if there’s still slightly uneven spots.) also the morph weight stage parts will eventually have unique versions such as an enormously fat giantess versions and an outer space blob of flesh versions.

This game will rely a lot on ai art and sprite artwork for the stuffing RPG bug testing discord I’m using a website called sea art ai with the bigger girls 5.0 model for the pictures and so far I have been getting lots of high quality results that barely have any mistakes most of the time so yeah it hasn’t let me down so far but until I get an artist that is truly dedicated to this project from start to finish I’ll be using ai art.

Oh and in terms of the ai art, there will be plenty of times where the pictures won’t look the same in transitions (example, one of the characters could be wearing a t-shirt and shorts one minute then out of nowhere she’ll be wearing a completely different outfit the next minute) also, art styles won’t always look 100% the same at all times but they will look close enough. of course this might lose immersion but if I do make the girls wear specific outfits for some reason the girls shape shrinks to a smaller shape and I can’t have that but, if you prefer immersive games I truly understand but this con may or may not never change so keep that in mind. But don’t worry because I’ll try my best to make sure the body shapes and facial appearances remain the same at all times, as best as I can.

This game will include a lot of the ideas that I had planned for my DDLC game there will be machinery feeding and even nudity which means there’ll possibly be sex scenes MAYBE, also this is called a romance simulator meaning it’ll have 3 segments which are a dating segment, an engagement segment (where you have a limited amount of thinking whether you are sure on marriage or not), and a marriage segment and you’ll have access to all 3 segments for every girl but I probably won’t be adding pregnancy (since I don’t like prego fetish) but IF I do add in Pregnancy it’ll only be mass Pregnancy and that is a big if.

This game will be made with the web version of Twine.
This game will be playable on android and windows. It’ll be an html so since I’ve never owned any other platforms besides android and windows I can’t tell you how to run the html on an unfamiliar platform so don’t ask.

-I’ll update this topic with more info once I have more to add for now this is everything I hope you’re hyped and don’t worry I have full intentions on finishing this and this time it will be finished you can count on it!


(You’ll have a handful of both human and non-human girls to romance with)

Human Candidate’s

She has a barrel body figure if you don’t know what that is basically the majority of her fat goes to her belly literally making her belly have the exact shape as a balloon and yes you guessed it she’ll never have belly layers but then It wouldn’t be the same shape as a balloon if there were belly layers.
(All of her artwork that I wanted to start off adding is done but unfortunately I have way more art I have planned of her but the extra stuff can wait till later)

Here’s 3 Teaser Images of her expressions I will not be sharing any more pictures then that just so I don’t spoil everything for you
(Keep in mind of three things 1 the default style for her will be the style from cozy nakovich, 2 these aren’t all of her expressions that’ll be in the game and, 3 the backgrounds that you see of her expressions will be removed)

Smiling Expression and indoors related appearance of Luna From Her First Weight Stage

(The signature you’re seeing obviously won’t be included)

Sad Expression and indoors related appearance of Luna From Her First Weight Stage

And The Angry Expression and indoors related appearance of Luna From Her First Weight Stage

(She’s on the left you know the one that shows her frontal body the most also, don’t worry the other two ones won’t be added into the actual game)

She has a pear body figure if you don’t know what that is basically 90% of her fat goes to her hips, butt, thighs, and legs. 7% of her fat goes to her belly. And 3% of her fat gets stored randomly to make sure that any areas of her body aren’t uneven.


Got a name in mind for this romance simulator? If not, blubber lover dating simulator or the softness dating sim for example? Like what I’m seeing, keep up the good work :smiley:

the… size of this one and the one before it are way off, might want to keep rolling and get sizes that are closer together.

I’ll try my best to retry but the website I’m using has it’s limited amount of uses per day so I’m not gonna spend all of it on retrying so if I can’t find more suitable ones then it is what it is also re-read the topic because I did mention why I’m having a hard time keeping the hourglass shapes the same

Since it’s so much trouble for the ai to handle I will not be including any characters with hourglass body figures anymore which means my character Chelsea will no longer be an hourglass figure you guys (and possibly girls) will decide what body figure she’ll be based on an upcoming poll

wow what a waste of a poll apparently the belly one won but sadly the ai wants to make everything fat even when I specifically mean only the belly in a certain way. I am so sorry for wasting y’all’s time with a meaningless poll trust me I’m more pissed about this then you are

(Don’t worry eventually there will be polls that y’all will be able to do that will be in the game like I said I’m truly sorry)

So because of this Chelsea will not be in the actual game…

When this game is ready for a pre alpha 1 release keep in mind that there will be quite a bit of different kind of statistics for each character that you need to pay attention to these statistics will not be visible to you at all (because my engine can’t handle all of that) if you believe you can keep track of it all kudos but if you feel like you’re gonna have trouble keeping track have a pen and paper or some kinda application that you can make notes on. Keep in mind you don’t have to keep track of the statistics but you are warned if you don’t you’ll never know what percentage your statistics are at and you could become more likely to get a game over but hey it’s your choice.


Looking forward to this, it sounds really good!! Especially if morbid and slob content is added! For slob though, were you thinking of adding messy eating and farts?

yeah that’s allowed plus burping

Exactly what I was hoping for! :smiley:

I’m currently moving to a new place so all development will have to be put on a temporary hold until I’m done moving and unpacking sorry for this pause but life comes first

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I have finally finished moving to my new place and I’m changing out how the artwork works from now on for every character you’ll be able to choose what art style you want meaning sea art ai allows me to mimic other people’s art style very easily… but not every artist. Just remember some art styles only work with specific body figures so not every character will feature the same styles.

(Also, here’s two more things about this new change 1 you can only pick a specific art style for your desired character on a new game you cannot pick nor change the style later on unless you start all the way over and, 2 this isn’t considering stealing art I’m using other people’s styles with ai to work on my own OC’s so don’t go saying I’m stealing art because they are completely original just with other artist’s styles slapped onto it meaning that’s not considered stealing somebody’s art because they didn’t make the pieces I’ll be generating besides, this change is happening because I have finally realized how limited I am with the default anime style.)

Also not only will I now include a skinny weight stage for every character but also, (not including the skinny shapes) I have a whole lot more weight stages then before planned for every character

can do a poll and ask the forumgoevers to vote on what the title should be if you are unsure OP/dev

Good idea I’ll do that later

Please decide what I should name this game

  • Blubber Romance Simulator
  • Weight is the key to love (aka WIEK)
  • Virtual Flesh Mounds
  • Dream Meaty Mass

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The game name has now been decided

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New stuff announcement #1

I have a new thing planned called corruption it is not a stat bar it works exactly like a disease once it is contracted even one time the character will progressively undergo a corruption transformation there are 4 different corruption transformations for now (I’ll be adding more later on) and they are succubus, succulent, vampire and, yandere. you can only remove a corruption when a corruption is still trying to take control once it has taken full corruption it cannot be removed ever.

(Corruption transformations are only available for human characters they are not available for non-human characters)

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New Stuff Announcement #2

I also have a whole bunch of different conditions planned such as bacteria, fungal and even plenty of parasites and also all kinds of alien organisms all characters can get any condition I’ll explain more in detail later.