Side Quest: Forgotten Goddess?

I’ve recently stumbled across the temple in the deeper part of the forest. There, a godess appears, asking for new followers and saying that she’ll help with the ageing of the proxys.
She then says she’ll give a talisman that’ll me to summon her. But the talisman never appears in the proxy’s inventory.
Is this quest incomplete, bugged, or am I doing something wrong?
Sorry for creating a new topic, but I don’t know where else to ask.

Don’t worry about posting a new topic. its not a problem.

The talisman isn’t actually an item you get. the options it gives you are accessed from trying to use an under age proxy(either offer them to Daria or use Daria’s blessing. I think you need to offer at least one baby to Daria before you can age a proxy. The aging of the proxies are also pretty buggy sometimes so if you’re going to do it make sure to save before hand.

Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

Is this quest part of the main game or is it part of one of the mods?

Also: Is there another way to accelerate the aging of the proxys?

It’s part of the main game indeed. The only other way to speed up a proxy’s aging is through the debug mode. with the edit character option there is a button to add years of age