Skirjasaga - Tale of a Heifer (Chapter 1 PUBLIC Release)

this game is very challenging you should make different modes of the game if you get my drift like easy normal hard or hardcore that what i would recommend


I’ll admit it: I was decently bored during the prologue. Went in expecting lewd stuff and there was a decent preamble before any lewd bits, but i was NOT disappointed.

My big, main kink is ‘unwanted/forced humiliation/embarrassment/degredation’, and while i can occasionally find wholesome stuff hot (but mostly just enjoy it in an ‘oh that’s cute’ kinda way), 95% of the time the person being embarrassed/degraded has to be in some way against it, so 90% of games on this sight don’t really interest me, so it’s always nice to find a new game that has it.

Going back and begging the seer, and the feeding scene, and the fatechange scene are all like A+ tier content, and i really look forward to more.

I think i read something that made it sound like each chapter would have a different MC and would only be mildly tethered together by surrounding charracters and an overarching plot?
So like chapter 2 won’t have the CH1 MC anymore, and CH3 won’t have the CH2 MC anymore? I can understand that as it enables you to actually have bad ends that don’t bad end you, but it also means there’s a lot of new exposition at the start of each chapter if the new MC is someone who hasn’t shown up yet.

though i cna’t exactly complain about htat, i know i get sidetracked by making sure my stories have consistent magic/lore rules, and will throw in explanations for how sci-fi stuff works and stuff


After seemingly ages, I was finally able to play the (whatever I had) most recent version, and my computer isn’t total doo-doo ass. I retract some of my past frustration, the game is better with a better computer…

However, I still find the combat brutal and tedious. The minigames are tolerable, even fun sometimes, for some stuff, like eating, but the combat is a miserable slog, where any mistake feels game-ending, especially because monsters/enemies respawn in half the locations for some reason.

Also on a less gameplay note, man the demonization of Christians to THIS degree is uncomfortable like, any religion being this objectively the bad guy and demonized is uncomfortable.

That all aside, the story is interesting and I quite like Sylvi. Nora I have neutral feelings on. I want to like her, but she’s too much of a bitch for me to like. I feel sad as-is though, its like Apostles on steroids for the depressing and dark tone, but at least Apostle’s characters usually deserve a percentage of their fates. I feel terrible for Sylvi and Nora.

I think the demonization of christians might have something to do with the perspective characters


Ok I’m going to chime in here.

There’s so much to love in this game and I really like it… except for the combat.

I found all the other mini game stuff the jumping stones and timing stuff far more enjoyable than the actual combat stuff.

The issue I take is the combat feels kind of very passive / reactive rather than proactive. You’re reacting to buttom presses most of the time and there feels like there needs to be something proactive to the combat. Rather than some other system choosing your moves etc you took a more active part in the combat and choosing to attack.


fair, its just rather uncomfortable, especially for a weightgaming game lol

Historically accurate depiction of Christians*


I mean yea it can be accurate in terms of the conflict and arguably the cruelty, but its pretty uncomfortable for a site as chill as WG to have a game where they constantly say they’re repulsed by a popular religion and make direct insults to it.

Eh, I can get why it is uncomfortable, but I don’t think it goes that overboard. Is it noticeable? Yes.
That said, it does fit with the setting as well as the tone. Maybe a warning wouldn’t go amiss but I don’t think it needs it. Christianity being a popular religion isn’t a reason to have a warning about the content in and of itself. I could just be jaded, but I didn’t find anything that bad or obnoxious about it. (Given the settings time period.) Maybe a warning about the setting/time period in general, but that entire context would be better explained in the game.


Religion and cults aren’t good, especially when they plan to convert everyone instead of simply be open and only accept willful new members. On top of everything conversion related, some christian rituals were spiritually feared by pagans, and for what I saw in the game it does a good job.

Personally I’m more uncomfortable when reading about stories where people become mindbroken ball of fat capable only to eat, people that get forced into becoming immobile, people coerced or secretly fattened behind their backs while all around them there’s this sickening light heartedness because for some kind of magic no one has health issue and nothing else going on in their lives beyond eating. For some it’s just a fantasy but for others it isn’t and sometimes fantasy can become uncomfortably depraved. It’s creepy when evil shit gets justified just to make you feel good. Fantasies are good, just leave the bad stuff outside of it and don’t excuse terrible habits, face your demons head on.

I’m not accusing you or anyone else in particular really, don’t take it badly, but as someone with an apparently much Iighter version of the fetish I’ve seen my share of fucked up shit. I simply wanted to say that there’s in my opinion much worse stuff on this site than treating christianity like iit deserves/how it was historically perceived by pagans.

And one of the reason I like this game is because it’s very different from everything else, it surprinsingly had a story I cared for instead of just being something to fly through for the spicy bits.


Two things, mostly:

The juxtaposition of vikings and Christians is an extremely important theme to capture the aesthetic of the era. It can’t be escaped that the vikings are defined in large part by their conquest into Britannia and this theme also bleeds over into a lot of the folklore that inspired the supernatural aspects of the setting and story. If this was a vampire game, you probably wouldn’t be too shocked to see at least one secretive vampire hunting organization, a couple of pearl-clutching priests, or some vampire characters denouncing or standing in opposition to the church. The mythological evils of old Scandinavia are if anything only even more fixated on Christianity, so it would be very strange to me not to include it in some form.

Secondly, I really can’t agree that they’re demonized. It’s common knowledge that vikings were the aggressors in this conflict, and were quite content to raid and pillage innocent people. So far what we’ve seen in the game is a viking raid be repelled by a group of soldiers, and a viking jarl starting a crusade against his own people who turned Christian.

This reflects the historical reality of the pagans fairly well. They famously started the viking era by raiding the undefended island of Lindisfarne, and aggressively raided and conquered for a couple of centuries. The greatest threat to the pagans living at home was internal strife, in-fighting between warlords, and the eventual bloody unification of the people by those that converted to Christianity. I’m not trying to retell history, but I’m familiar with it and try to recapture the general aesthetic and its themes in the game.

Cool :+1:


I agree, your not saying Christianity is bad but some of the characters in your story might believe that and that’s ok just like anybody that actually thinks it is. So far I think the story is great like many people and I can’t say I love the combat my computer is a little slow if there was a way to add a easy medium hard? I think that would be your best bet. Can’t wait for the new update!

I get such a laugh out of this thread. I guess I won’t bother sharing because who cares. Anyway, I enjoy this game and consider it pretty high quality out of what I’ve played. Consider this my support to the developer.


Your game kicks ass and the people who interpret it as a criticism of Christianity have no media literacy. Keep on keeping on. We’re all eager for more.


I wanted to leave my thoughts on the game since people have been doin that for a little while.

Personally I like the way the game is written from the prologue portion with the family to the end of the current content with Sylvi. The bits and bobbles of Mythos scattered in little pages to the people/creatures that exist already in the game are neat little pieces of info that were a nice read. The Norse mythology is a cool mythology filled with wonder and magic and stories and there’s so much that goes through my head thinking what you can conjure up with what’s at your disposal. The juxtaposition that seren was mentioning was topical in the moment for me since I had watched the movie The Book of Kells(not Norse but reminded me of how the Vikings were portrayed in that time period from the other perspectives such Ireland which was Christian in said movie).

Moving onto the gameplay I think its fun and unique and imposes a challenge and I love taking on something that takes more effort on my part. The kind of rhythm game feel that the combat has is far removed from the rpg games I’ve tried but a fun loop for what I got to try. I don’t think everyone did this or should like fighting the spider lady until its just far to fast, but I feel the general gameplay against the common enemies like the boars and bears was a nice pace. The problem I felt was when I was on a lower end device like an old laptop since it would lead to a delay for my key presses. I don’t feel this is a problem with my desktop which has semi old parts but nothing before 2010.

All in all I liked my experience and had an enjoyable time as a game itself the kink portion just gave me the goal that I was looking for, and I know the dark a dreary is not for everyone but it’s something that I find mind-tickling to sit down and read. Its so far away gameplay wise from other games around these parts that I’m glad it is what it is unapologetically.


Its a bit disingenuous and rude to reply “combat bad ok” to people who were critical of the combat, is it not?

Do you want to take anything from those critical of it? Or do you want to give a reason you’re so proud of your combat?

And as far as the Christianity debate stuff - all I meant to say was, I felt uncomfortable with the game’s writing and perspective. I didn’t mean to make the thread implode.

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Its a controversial and bigoted statement to say religion is bad, as you JUST said. Get that shit outta here, please. I get it, big brain athiest moment, but like that’s so disrespectful to hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of people across dozens of faiths and cultures. Have some decency and respect.

And second, wtf does any of this have to do with dark extreme weird feedism shit. Okay? Yea some people are into that stuff you mentioned. That’s their perogative, but also I’m not into it and it was never part of the discussion, it just feels like you trying to attempt to insult people about something unrelated, in response to something you disagreed with. That’s petty.


I’m going to have ask everyone to drop the discussion of religion outside of things directly related to the game. It falls under the purview of our no politics rule for the exact same reasons. The game creators are free to have those elements in their games if they want, but getting into arguments about it is outside of the purview of this site.


To play Devil’s advocate here.

The dev likely has taken the criticism on board just isn’t the best at reacting to it. Their reply is like the kind of thing I’d reply really because I take it on board but I’m not the best at taking it and I do think the dev likely worked a fair bit at it, it’s just not landed how they imagined.

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Fair enough, its just a bit disheartening. I genuinely want to see the combat improve and be more fun or varied options or something, but a reply like that makes me feel “my game is perfect, these haters dont get it” vibes. And that helps no game improve.