Skirjasaga - Tale of a Heifer

this game is very challenging you should make different modes of the game if you get my drift like easy normal hard or hardcore that what i would recommend

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I’ll admit it: I was decently bored during the prologue. Went in expecting lewd stuff and there was a decent preamble before any lewd bits, but i was NOT disappointed.

My big, main kink is ‘unwanted/forced humiliation/embarrassment/degredation’, and while i can occasionally find wholesome stuff hot (but mostly just enjoy it in an ‘oh that’s cute’ kinda way), 95% of the time the person being embarrassed/degraded has to be in some way against it, so 90% of games on this sight don’t really interest me, so it’s always nice to find a new game that has it.

Going back and begging the seer, and the feeding scene, and the fatechange scene are all like A+ tier content, and i really look forward to more.

I think i read something that made it sound like each chapter would have a different MC and would only be mildly tethered together by surrounding charracters and an overarching plot?
So like chapter 2 won’t have the CH1 MC anymore, and CH3 won’t have the CH2 MC anymore? I can understand that as it enables you to actually have bad ends that don’t bad end you, but it also means there’s a lot of new exposition at the start of each chapter if the new MC is someone who hasn’t shown up yet.

though i cna’t exactly complain about htat, i know i get sidetracked by making sure my stories have consistent magic/lore rules, and will throw in explanations for how sci-fi stuff works and stuff