Skirjasaga - Tale of a Heifer

Ok this is probably one of the best RPG maker wg games I have played. The story is really cool, and I love the world building. It definitely took some time getting used to the combat, but I liked that it was something new that I haven’t seen. I love the characters and I can’t wait for more. Excited to see the bigger story and the bigger sizes :smirk: lol

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This seems really interesting. I love the setting and story so far. I’m a fan of Norse mythology and Viking stuff in general. The visuals, cutscenes, chapter and title cards. All look great and the use of lore as collectables within the game is a cool idea. The use of qte within tasks and combat is interesting idea. There have been rpgm games that use qte and rhythm style events for combat or mini games. I like the concept over the conventional rpgmaker combat system and I think it works for things outside of combat fairly well. With easy-to-understand prompts and styles of events.

However, if the combat system stays the way it is. I know I would be giving this a pass in the future. It’s not hard in concept but the all or nothing style approach is honestly more frustrating than rewarding. The art for the combat buttons is thematically fitting and nice to look at, but it gets in the way at times of being able to easily gauge what part of the circle is filled and how much. Especially with up to four of them being active at the same time. I think this is compounded by the fact the art is an overlay rather than being a backdrop and that the art is in a cross shape. Rhythm based games often have clearly displayed inputs within a line separated by row. Here with the inputs being in a cross shape and being spaced out as to being able to still see the enemy model for the “tell” system, along with the growing circle style qte, works against that clear and easy readability that you would want.

As others have suggested having combat that needs you to land every hit just to do damage, I think is a more frustrating system. If I land three perfect fills and then hit a key too early, it shouldn’t be that I then take damage. I should either do damage or take damage based on which was the higher factor (successful key matches, or misses) which of course is reduced or increased in effectiveness based on how good or bad the majority of actions were. I believe you have a “critical” system already in game if you perfect all presses or misses, which I think is a good reward and incentive to play perfect. And having enemies have tells and learnable patterns sections is good, and I’m all for the combat being challenging but fair if it is intended to be a more difficult combat system.

I think the game is great with story and the rpg elements are done in an interesting non-conventional rpgmaker way that is a breath of fresh air for the engine. However, currently I didn’t finish what was here before writing this as the combat felt more frustrating in its current form and took me out of the experience. Either way great start to narrative and lore filled rpg, I look forward to seeing how this progresses and coming back to it (to hopefully at least finish what is here).


question what are the list of fetishes in this game?

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I’ll admit my experience in designing art assets for minigame purposes is very limited, and I’m very open to improving them to the best of my abilities. I’ll probably experiment a bit more - but I’m reasonably happy with the balance of style and clarity.

I’m not trying to recreate the conventions of rhythm games. Managing your attention between watching the tells, and catching the incoming “attacks” is intended as a feature, it’s not a bug. I’m open to tweaks, but it’s unlikely I’ll overhaul the core concept at this stage in development.

Ahh, reading your verdict to pass on the game (in it’s current state) hurts my pride to read, lol. But I really appreciate that you are willing to give some thoughtful criticism to the elements that you didn’t like. Did you get to the first boss fight? I think that’s a pretty good example of the feeling and potential that I’m going for. At least at my current level of experience. :sweat_smile:

The current kinks featured are weight gain, stuffing, teasing, I suppose. I’m aiming to involve a lot of different ideas and situations to these kinks to keep them fresh. And maybe go into adjacent kinks, etc…

I will definitely rework this. I wasn’t sure I would make any significant changes to the game other than bugfixes before the next release, but after watching the thread I’m now thinking I’ll implement beneficial changes that I can - at least for a while - before I start working on new content.

Nope. I had played for about an hour was testing out the combat system trying to fight different enemies and had messed up enough on the wolves and bears. Where between the readability and getting multiple correct keys or perfects to “miss” with an early key press enough that I chose to stop playing.

I had forgot to mention it in my feedback, so I’ll say it here. Normally how I (and most people that I’m aware of) place their hands on wasd or arrow keys is having ring, middle, and pointer finger from left to right on the left, up and right keys. Using the middle finger to reach down and hit s or down accordingly. Here in order to hit the up and down at the same time when used for simultaneous key pressed you need to reposition the “normal” resting position or use two hands. And idk it felt awkward and jarring to me. Maybe I’m weird and it’s not a big issue.

Maybe the current way the games combat is just not for me and I’m one of the few. Which I can respect if that’s the case. But I play a lot of different games on pc, and I really like my fps and rpg’s especially to have intuitive controls and I might being hung up on an unimportant detail that isn’t a problem for many. All I can say is it felt awkward to me when using the up and down arrows simultaneously. If people generally like the combat system currently then I say more power to you and good luck.

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another question can i beat the sear or is that a opponet i have to lose? also after losing teh fight i try to talk to abilda but nothing. never mind i gotten confuse with the naked npc in the room.

I strongly recommend that you play the game into chapter 1 since you like the other elements of the game. The prologue introduces the world, but chapter 1 is where the gameplay, story, and kink elements start to really come together.

However, there are some valid criticisms of the combat and difficulty, so I will revisit that very soon. I should have a patch up within a day or two (I imagine) - and so maybe wait to play until then.

If you look up in the thread I answered that a while ago, but the short answer is the story needs you to lose that fight. You can get a pat on the back if you do really well, though.

The Abida thing is a bug, just ignore her. Her real location is somewhere in the village (exit the main hall to the south).

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thank i was wondering about that boss fight and thank you about the abida thing i hope your game does well

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That’s completely fair. You already have me interested to play (and play more) from what I had seen within the prologue (and that’s of course with no fetish content, which tbh I’m cool with if the story and setting are good enough.) But the combat is what deterred me. I was looking to go back to elden ring (which I still haven’t finished) or continue the sunbreak grind. So, I wasn’t gonna spend more time than I felt it was worth currently. If some balance or tweaks are coming, I don’t mind checking it out as I definitely want to like the other aspects of the game.

i’m guessing the last up arrow in the feeding session is one you cant beat. side note what other kinks that are plan to show up for sure?

I’ve added a “Support the development” section to the main thread!

I have plans for some specific kinks, but I don’t want to reveal too much at this stage as plans change. The main thing I will say is that there will be a range of weight gain, feeding and stuffing scenarios that will explore different tones and themes.

honestly no idea what do i do here, i might be really dumb and this might be easy puzzle but since english is not my first language i might have missed smthing important

Rotate the pieces until they fit

Arrow keys + Z and X

The full picture should look like this:

love the “my mother told me” refference song btw


So. I really like the story, which seems very promising. I can see you put work into all the tests and challenges, and I would love to play more of this. However, I’ve played soulslike games with more forgiving combat jesus christ. All it takes is a single fuck up, when it’s hard enough to hit some of the fast attacks in the small space, and we fail. And when we’re finally getting used to hitting buttons they all change?

Point is, much as I love the story and think this game has huge potential (pun accidental), I doubt I’ll be playing much more of it when it’s this difficult to win fights. Call me weak, tell me to get good or whatever but I don’t really want to be fighting a random dude 5+ times so I can maybe move on with the story.


I will say that I felt that one needed a bit more context to figure out what sort of image I was trying to complete with the minigame. Partly because of the black image on top of an already dark background, but completing that one for me started with trying to complete what I thought was a map or something, then just spinning and moving randomly until the image completed, followed by me going ‘oh, is that what it was supposed to be?’

I’ll also add my voice to the ‘combat is neat, but a little too punishing’ crowd. That’s for getting just a little past the prologue (so far), though.

That said, it’s quite an impressive effort overall, and I do plan to spend some more time with it.


The combat in the prologue is overtuned because I was still figuring the systems out. I will address this with a patch soon!


How long is the prologue?

Definitely a game with a lot of potential. As stated by most, the combat could use a bit of a balance overhaul, but it’s mostly solid and adds a refreshing take to rpgmaker kink games.

This is a personal taste thing but starting with Nora’s story and just getting shoved into the Huldur’s story had me lose a bit of my interest for a while, eventually went back and played her segment, and i’m glad I did, but I recommend smoother and less jarring transitions in the future, especially going from the scene at the end of Nora’s segment to randomly playing as a naked chick we know nothing about.

Speaking of Nora’s segment, it seems significantly darker than the second segment, to the point where they hardly seem like the same game. Kind of feels as if Nora’s story is dark for the sake of being dark, if that makes sense.

That said, definitely gonna keep my eyes on the game, absolutely love the setting and I hope to see even greater things in the future!

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Between 30 minutes to an hour, I’m told.