Skirjasaga - Tale of a Heifer

I’m going to add my two cents and say the combat was not very fun in my opinion either and this part is directed to the creator of the game, I believe that not explaining on criticisms isn’t very good for moving forward with a game idea, yes its not always something that is good to hear but it can’t hurt to ever hear the devils advocate and maybe find something that could be worked on.

Not all criticisms are equal. If you tell me that you don’t like the game or that you don’t like the combat, but don’t go into any specifics, what can I really say to add to the conversation?


As someone who is sort of middling on the combat system, it’s not really the core concept so much as just aspects of its execution could use some work. It’s not really easy to tell the ‘sweet spot’ on a lot of these; is it right before it touches the ring? As it touches it? There’s no clear indicator of whether you were too early or too late other than actually just failing, no indicators in the ring or any ‘good’ or ‘great!’ responses. The Rhythm game style has some real merit and makes the gameplay unique, but if you don’t have the requisite feedback to know what you’re aiming for it makes it harder to judge. Not to mention when the ‘skills’ are all things the enemies do that make it harder to hit the buttons it feels like your character is completely powerless; they can’t do anything to make this easier, you just have to try to react when someone else makes it harder.

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I’m open to changes, and I’ll be thinking of ways to make the system more fluid and responsive.

It’s a binary. If the circle is within the frame when you press the button it succeeds, if it’s outside of the frame it fails. There’s no “sweet spot”.

I feel like this comparison only works to a point. There’s no song or rhythm to strike “notes” to, and a lot of the stylistic flair of rhythm games would feel out of place. So if you want to compare it to rhythm games just be aware that it’s not trying to be a rhythm game.

Okay, but what’s the alternative?

Besides your character can and does influence the combat (to a limited degree). Your stats influence the difficulty, and your weapon influences the damage that you do. I’m expanding upon build variety and flirting with certain ways to give the characters “skills” in the future, but because any system like this has to be built from the ground up it requires a fair bit of effort.

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The fact that the attacks come in predefined patterns with set pacing and the objective is to hit the buttons in the right order and cadence makes it a rhythm game. You even defined major pattern shakeups that players can look out for as specific attack rhythms. It doesn’t really need the music to fit that. You could set it to match music if you wanted, but Simon Says is a Rhythm game technically, and this is that without the warning round. Doom Eternal is often considered a Rhythm game; it’s more about the way the mechanics reinforce a cadence than it is about literally involving music. And that’s a good thing for the game, honestly; you can play with the aspects of it that are there and make the game more interesting than most standard RPG combat systems.

As for the alternative to not doing anything yourself, that depends on how much you’d want to interrupt said rhythm. If you wanted to lean into the rhythm aspect you could make it so that it isn’t just a binary, and reacting to particular skills the enemy uses exceptionally well triggers one of your own skills, like side-stepping a boar’s charge perfectly triggering an ability that causes their next moves to come in slower, or perfectly countering a feint causing the rings to move even closer so it’s easer to read for a bit.

Otherwise, if you didn’t want to make it part of the rhythm aspects, a skill menu that pauses the combat when you pull it up and offers skills to do any of those things previously mentioned might be worth trying - Temporarily slow down the incoming attack, move the rings closer, recover some HP, change the incoming attack pattern for a while, etc etc.


Regarding the seer boss, if someone were to master the mechanics to the point of taking zero damage or very little. Resulting in a bonus scene or items, or make the female protagonist shy of immobility as punishment for honking the boss off?
edit: video example(s) 7 Unwinnable Boss Fights You Can Beat If You're Good Enough: Commenter Edition - YouTube

There is actually a tiiiiiny change if you do now :stuck_out_tongue:
But yeah, having something like that is always nice but… At this point in development I would argue main content should be the aim, not something like… 0.1% of players will see lol


fair enough, thought I’d share an idea for those who want a challenge is all. Otherwise can consider side quests that result in extra WG or dialogue, although when I played this last, what happened to the young girl (or boy) when they were wounded by that English lord.

Im here like some of the rest here. This game was a slow burn that hit things just right.

And when the kink came, IT CAME. OOOH boy I was not expecting.that. consider me hooked. It lives in my head rent free and I am now hooked and wanting more. Eager to see progress!