Small Text Adventure Demo

Stuffing Witch Demo!
Hello! It’s nice to meet y’all, I’m an avid FA and aspiring game developer. This is an idea and style I’d like to explore more, so I made this little demo. It’s not much but I’m hoping to expand it someday! Thank you for playing!
It contains a little story, magic weight gain, stuffing, and food descriptions. Oh, the food descriptions.


Not bad actually. Reminds Jinx of what he did before. He should get back to that…

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This seems like a very promising start, and I’m curious to know what happens next!


I love this demo! Can’t wait to see more

Nice job, great to see some bhm games on here.

For what there is, it’s very solid and designed well, especially for phone users where the text box (at least for me) usually spazzes out every time you make contact with it on other text adventures with the site. I can’t wait to see more!

Did you mean to put this here? I’m a little confused

This was very cute! :smiley:

This was really great! The descriptions were really nice, and there’s so much potential for what could happen in future updates