Some Bullshit - Stuffing Focused RPG Maker Game Update # 7

Yes, I hopefully fixed that in the new release. I am glad you liked the day dream, I spent waaaay too long on it.

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Does the new update add WG content, or is this still just full of stuffing scenes. I’ve been tempted to give this game a try but I’m waiting for content

Just a little bit at the very, very end. If you are looking for fats, I would pass on this for now. In general the WG content is probably going to be very small to be clear. Hopefully the other aspects of the game interest you though.

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Thanks for the tip. Yeah I’ve been hearing good things about the humor in this game, and I’m looking for something to tide me over between college papers and the release of Mount and Blade Bannerlord so I may check this out :smiley:

So when Pro is talking about the counter weight for the bridge the game will game over for me (for further context Emmie has the light bulb over her head when it happens). Am I supposed to do somthing?

When you say game over, you mean crash? Or does Game Over appear or does somebody guy stuck and the game soft locks? A cutscene should play then and it should progress normally.

I mean it shows the game over screen

Does Pro have no health, or is knocked out? The only thing I can think of is that when I remove Emmie from the the party for that event, the other character is dead so it breaks? Pro is still in your party right?

yes that mat be it, probably should have though of that sorry

After the first beer segment the blue haired girl in the harbour town bar plays the dialog as if you learned belching , even if you haven’t.

Ah thank you, I’ve since fixed it.

what program do i need to open the file?

It’s a 7zip, so pop that into google

Let me Google that for him

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For people who want to play on an android device, I made an android version of this game.
Here is the download link:!CdADGYhT!rciiAsxBs4ohIhZfMokqDY_QTyfuM1N-eNENJzLt_eg
The game is compatible with android version 4.1~10.0 devices, with 16:9 resolution.
If you find any compatibility problems, please reply to me.
Double finger touch for cancel. If you find something stuck because of the touch screen, please let me know and I will add a virtual joystick to the game.

Is an iOS version possible? If so, could you please make one?

I sadly do not have iOS myself, which I believe is required to create that version of the game. So for now, I have no ability to create it. I apologize, you will need to continue to play right now on windows.

Well, thanks for letting me know. I do have an android, and I tried playing, however the game was very laggy, however, I’m aware that the lag was due to the device, not the game (older model). I would have little to no lag on my iOS, which is why I asked.

has weight gain been added yet?

You can try to use this method to pack the ios application in the web page:
I don’t have a MAC so I can only make android apps.
Since RMMV is based on js code and html5, I don’t expect much improvement in fluency on ios devices. My phone is qualcomm snapdragon 845, which runs quickly.