Some Bullshit - Stuffing Focused RPG Maker Game

At long last, I’ve written a sequel to my previous fanfic. Fair warning, “The Protagonist Menace” also includes vore. I hope people like it!


Don’t know if you are still wanting suggestions but I always come to the conclusion that to me the hotest scenario is not playing as the predator or prey but helping and feeding a girl prey and pampering her full belly, I don’t think many share this viewpoint? Otherwise I don’t know why there is so few vore stories with this scenario, or even just feeding stories in general from the viewpoint of the feeder instead of the feedee. Would have loved to have some sort of scene in the game where poe actually started getting into feeding Emmy, his girlfriend or even the brewmaster.



Still slowly making my way through the game in my spare time, loving it so far!

Just got past Amazon island and about to head to the palace again with the peppers!

Just a quick question though, I’m not missing something with the “chuck” quest, am I?

I’ve seen him three times so far in different pubs, the last in the capital when I first came through it but I haven’t seen him since.

I got used to him popping up semi-regularly now, so it feels weird to not see him for so long a time!

I’m not missing him in one of the bars I’ve passed through, am I? Or will it be a little longer til he shows up again?

Nerds, Clinko, I must say thank you this is one of if not the best stuffing/vore games ever made, hell maybe one of the best rpg maker games in my opinion. So thank you both this is hecking awesome and I’m so sorry it took me so long to build the courage to say it cause I’m a massive coward lmao.
Also I noticed in the live-action images Pro is in all of them but one, I decided it would be funny to fix that. Hope it gives you all a chuckle.


Never mind!

I played a little more and my question was answered!

Back to slowing progressing through the game!

What is the Kingdom’s official name? Is it Hechingen?