Some meta-thoughts about game ideas

[some thinking aloud]
I noticed that many game ideas are focused on gaining weight or eating. I mean the ideas posted here on the forum, as well as some of the ideas I personally had in the past (I am also a sinner in this sense). What I’ve been thinking about lately is that maybe the game doesn’t necessarily need weight mechanics to be enjoyable. Even simply having plus-sized characters in a game is great. They don’t necessarily need to gain weight or loose weight in the process.

Consider the “normal” games. They might have great characters but the game itself doesn’t need to be focused on the character dieting or exercising whole day. The story can be pretty much anything: magic, fantasy, war, quest, slice of life, adventure, you name it… I sometimes find myself playing a game which is overall somewhat boring but has a character in it whom I find cute or relatable.

Also, not having weight gain or eating in a game means that the developer doesnt need to implement those mechanics, so u can save effort.

So… just wanted to share some thoughts. Hope you ppl wont hate me for this “heresy”. :thinking:


Very good point. Literally the only reason I’ve played RDR Online is because my character is “heavy”, that is the extent of the weight gain elements yet it’s enough for me to engage with the game.

If anyone on here is genuinely thinking of making a game for profits or just to be enjoyed by anyone, all a game needs is a big character option and that will keep us happy whilst remaining marketable to your everyday person, the game doesn’t have to be a “fetish” game.



But also, yeah same. I actually find it a little weird just how rare plus-sized characters are in more mainstream games. Like, obviously, I’m a little biased but it seems like an option character designers don’t even consider despite being pretty common IRL (though I guess that applies slightly less to Japanese games).

For example, to go on a bit of a ramble, the latest Fire Emblem game has 33 playable characters who vary visually in pretty much every way possible (height, skin colour, frame, etc) but absolutely none of them are chubby (with 2 or 3 exceptions if you really stretch that definition).

In this particular case you could argue this was done for believability, since most of the characters are meant to be soldiers (even if plenty of bigger people are soldiers IRL), but that doesn’t stop them including some pretty tiny units. It could also be due practical concerns, since a lot of units share animations and parts of their models, but, again, they went through the effort to make that work for shorter characters, so I don’t think that’s the main reason either.

Not really complaining (okay, maybe a little), it’s just kind of weird from the perspective of someone who actively prefers fat people.

To talk about games that get posted here, rather than big triple A releases, I think part of the reason games/ideas here tend to focus more on fetishy stuff is due to the fact they can’t really post it elsewhere, whereas you can post about a ‘normal’ game with a fat protagonist on larger social media platforms. Still, I’d totally be happy to see more stuff like that here.


Burn the heathen! How dare he question the holy word!?

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I think there’s a very practical reason for this beyond the kink itself: the innate gratification of seeing numbers go up. It’s just satisfying to see that little weight counter go higher and higher and to see what its upper limit really is.


for me it’s fun to think of ways to make weight gain or whatever into a mechanic in a game. like figuring out how for example an fps game would be fun with weight gain as a thing in the game is a fun thought experiment. it’s like having a theme for a game jam except with no time pressure