Something I Remembered From The Past

A few years ago, I once stumbled across a playlist by a possibly now-deactivated YouTube user named MLP_TechnoTron that featured videos (some unavailable) involving female expansion scenes in animation. It’s too bad that they purged said playlist and deleted it, though. I always wanted to see what new (or rediscovered) female stuffing/weight gain/inflation scenes were available. The most recent one we got was for the anime Dragon Maid, I think (and I say “I think” because there may be more female expansion scenes that came after it).

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I love finding kink-relevent stuff in mainstream media, few things bring me as much joy!

I remember the playlist you mean! I actually run a similar one (albeit one that also includes males and live action).

Youtube playlists are a pretty bad way to track this stuff, though. Content vanishes so often! Might I recommend this site as a more a permanent and well-organized catalogue! The MLP_Technotron guy you mentioned is actully a big contributor to it.

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Thanks, Eggie. And yes, I’m aware of the Big Cartoon Wiki.

Oh, for some reason I thought the Big Cartoon Wiki was shut down. good to see it’s still up.