something that has been collecting dust in my head for years a psudo sequel to

awsome possum the idea went like this

I thought basically of what could have been an idea for a sorta sequel but not quite there i honestly dont know what to call it other then concept and i wanted to share before i forgot entirely. But here goes nothing, the plot goes like this possum hoping to make it big in the video-game world took the news of the game failing hard. It was a heavy blow to his self esteem using the funds from what sales there were, he got a small apartment in a run down part of town kept his rent paid barely through small part time jobs, and scraping metal to the local junkyard. One day possum made a huge costly blunder at his current job and unsurprisingly got the boot. As he went home embarrassed he passed a video new broadcast that dr machineo escaped the part of video game land where vanquished villains go and he threatened to take over the 4th wall a link to our world so he could control all of video game land by controlling new content and ideas. there was a reward offered but it was a low one, possum thought well i stopped him before, i can do it again couldn’t i? My rent is past due also and if i collect enough scrap and money i could pay my rent up and maybe get a better place. With a low reward like that they must think hes a joke still it couldn’t hurt to try unfortanately im not in the shape i used to be though. in my idea was that awesome would throughout the levels would need to collect at least a minimum amount of cash, scrap could still restore health but also food items would be around as drops or pick ups and he would need to eat represented by a separate gauge which while restoring health depending on the food item would make him fatter and as a result slower and heaver also there would be a quasi weapon system of sorts where awesome realizing he is in a bad part of town carries a small club and could get better weapons and and an abbility system in the form of training from other video game chars. also where hes still shaky over the flop of his debut title a self esteem meeter that could reflect his current state by his lines giveing a use to a formerly annyoing feature (i also thought that if it got too high well you can probbly guess) also a shop and event system eg possum goes in a shop say a bakery in this case buys a biscuit goes back later and there having an (insert food here) eating contest with a fee for entering fat would burn off eventually also buying new clothes would boost his esteem a little cash could also be a random semi rare drop from enemies and dr machino enlisted help from local thugs as well as his machines as he realized that for his goal to succseed he would need help (also as an excuse to add veritity to the games enemys). As a result of machineo getting hired help i couldnt help but think of the wario land series with enemys not only trying to damage you but slow you down in various ways like a witch turnning possium into a pig (think psycho fox’s hippo) reducing his jump hight and making food twice as fattening, or a machine that steals possioums cloths and weapons and replaces them with something embarssing like a tutu or a bakinni, my mom brought up the idea of thieves stealing items and money and if you clobber them you could get them back and depending on what gets taken esteem could fall a little or a lot eg money a little decrease getting his clothing stolen huge decrease and mom also brought up how sonic did its act system in the day, (sonic 3) she thought that the end of zone one would tie zone one and two together and you could go back to zone one and explore and some things could change depending on events later in game allowing potential secrets to open while blocking others and the oil drills could cover awesome in oil causing slippery controls and have the trivia questions pertain to health and finances and getting the correct answer would provide random benefit and wrong anwsers give the opposite effect that would open up a status system of sorts and the inventory could have an equip screen im sorry if this was a huge waste of your vital time but i just waned to share with someone ps if possum runs out of self esteem a comical game over could play like he gives up and on the way home he got hit by oh a piano or something and got the money anyway and how much money and what shape awesome is in could affect the ending somehow again i apologize or any time wasting

First off, welcome to the forums!

I’m glad you’ve decided to share your ideas and i would offer the following feedback:

[ol][li]Work on formatting your ideas better for easier readability. It’s all in one rectangle of text and it’s difficult for most people to read. [/li]
[li]Expand on your ideas a bit. It’s clear that you have plenty of ideas but they before you start working on anything it you should have a solid idea of what you want to make. How fat should your character be able to get? How fast can/will it happen?

Then you can think about specific mechanics. How will combat work? How should the interface look and feel? In the non combat parts of the game what can you do? How should they look and feel? What about them should be engaging to the player?[/li][/ol]

it always helps to ask questions when you’re making or designing something