Squishy Squishy~

Oops, forgot that I still have an account here.

My name is SquishySofty, but you can call me Maria if you want.
My introduction is a little long, so I’ll shortened it down a notch below

More about me

I draw cute arts, mainly one of my main kinks (Which is Inflation, Weight gain, Vore, and more). Though, I prefer to draw a bunch of females and demi-humans, haha.
I also made a game called Bakery Bloat-out, an Inflation themed arcade game made in Godot Engine. I only made it for fun because haha, my brain wouldn’t stop making more game ideas over and over.

I’m also only here because… Well I love games and draw for fun, and ever since the Gain Jam, there’s a lot of fun games from there (Which everyone who participated did excellent job!)~

Another reminder is that yeah, I’m very shy, but I won’t mind hanging out with a bunch of friends~

Hope In the future, I’ll probably be more active in here, who knows?


This hound welcomes you to this aspohdelian corner of the internet
Not quite an elysium but certainly not tartarus so sit back and enjoy yourself in this entertainers kink buffet we call weightgaming

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Ahoy, i believe i may be something like ONE BLOODY MONTH LATE, but i was wondering if there was a link for the game you mentioned?