Starbound Big Fatties Mod 24/7 Server

It would be Cool but i doubt it.
TY1 was online for the last time on the 4th of August

This server hasn’t been receiving updates for a good while, would it be better to create another one?

IF TY1 would not return it is something that has to be thought of but this brings a whole bunch of new problem to the Table.

Hey I’ve tried connecting to the server, pretty sure I’ve got all the correct mods, unsubbed from any unrelated workshop mods but I’m getting a connection error. image

Am I doing something horribly wrong?

If this is the Hayde’s server you’re joining, it has been shut down. You can’t join anymore.

Oh, that’s very sad. Is there another server I could join? I love these mods so much but it’s very lonely.

F in the chat for Ty’s server

I really need to hop back on the server soon

Good question.
Is their an other server?

Is there a chance anyone will open a new server, or revive this one?

If there is enough interest from the community and we could fine some people that we could trust to moderate the server we would consider setting one up.

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yes but how we could do this

Signed in just to ask when the server is coming back online,
Kinda getting tired of playing by myself.
I play with the big fatties mod, jellly slimes, expanding clothing and frackinenemies mods

Ex cinere, et iterum veniet cito

I just found out about SBF and the only server is down? bummer. this has potential

Sucks that this one died, if anyone starts another server please let me know.

I have a server up and running, people interested DM me please

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i think the surver is down. When will it come back up again. Help

Oh, it’s down all right, and has been for a long time. If you’re looking to play on a server, check some of the other topics, or even look for a discord or two since there’s a few out there as well.

Dang, that’s a bummer. Was hoping I could finally join a big fatties server. :confused: