Starbound Mod: Big Fatties



So, it’s been awhile.
The topic might not have survived the old site going down but we can start anew.

For those who are new, this is a mod I’ve made for a simple game known as Starbound. Trying to find a way to implement fatty bodies in an unusual manner. Instead of creating a body replacer to turn every generic npc and player into a chubster or blob. It implements armor in the shape of such fattened bodies to allow for a pick and choose style.


There is an exception to this in the form of novakids. As the full body glow unique to the novakids doesn’t mesh well with the armor method. Right now come with a separate identical species that’s merely in the blob armor style. A chubster style for them will come about later.
The armors cover the other six vanilla races in two styles. Fatty armor to depict a quite overweight size, and chubster armor to give them a plush weight.
It also comes with fat badges to try and replicate the heaviness the bodies would likely bring

Two major objects will show up in the main crafting menu, the big fatties shop and the weightscale.
The shop will have various miscellaneous items such as food items, beds to suit the bodies, and various props.
The weightscale will allow you to make the badges, the bodies, and whatever clothing for the bodies is currently made.

So long as it’s one of the vanilla races, simply grab either the chubster or fatty bag from the weightscale and it’ll give you a set suited to match the colors of your character.

Bigfatties Mod for Starbound (Archived Older Version)
Bigfatties Mod for Starbound (Archived Older Version)

Are you the original creator of the mod?


Yes, my title Dispatch shows up in any version of my mod as the author when looking at the mod list in game.


Oh. What’s up with the new less fat models then?


Part of an update. I made an official smaller plush pear-like heavy body type in the vein of the person who made the chubby addon.


Nice! Well I already have the older mod installed along with the other add-on mod, so it might not be a good idea to remove the older mod. Any other changes since your last version?


Moved the bodies and badges to a new object, the weightscale to make things a bit more organized. Balance changes to the defense provided by the badges. New statuses for crew mates that relate to the mod. A protectorate set and cosmic bandit set for the new chubster body. A few beds to suit the chubster and fatty body. Just a few though. And a fat floran statue and fat avian altar decoration.


Cool. But what do the new statuses do?


In general, nothing. It’s just what the method for prompts that crew members for your ship have is called. The thoughts they’ll have overtime. So there’s some flavorful stuff added to what can appear.


Oh. Is it safe to get the new mod if you’ve already used the old one?


It should be, though of course the addon would have to be removed. If you take the steps to simply delete what the addon added and then update the mod, it should be fine. And of course by deleting them, I mean going in game, loading your character and moving the armor pieces to the trash to despawn them.


Oh. Okay, that’s cool. I think I should do a backup too by the way. Thanks for the mod. Do you think I should keep my back-up archival version of the mod up on this forum?


Don’t see any harm in it sticking around, just might be good to post for anyone checking up on it for updates to point out I’m back with an updated version.


Okay. So what did you like about making the mod?


That might be a bit hard to pin down. It started out as something personal as I began looking into the game to make something for my floran to look a bit fatter. That eventually evolved into discovering that the frames for the body and armors are incredibly wide. Which lead me to experimenting to how fat I could make a floran. That turned into sharing the mod and expanding it overtime to include the other races and adding clothing and more up to this point. I’m not fast at this, nor do I always have the drive to work on it, it’s just fun to do on occasion to expand and find something more to enjoy about starbound since I want to like the game more than I actually do.


Nice to see you had fun making the mod. Is there going to be an in-between fatness level between the original blobby model and the new and much smaller chubby model?


Possibly? If I do make an inbetween it’ll probably take a long time after I expand some clothing options for the other two body types. Eventually.


Okay. I have to remake my model for my mod that adds a skunk race to the game then, because the shape is noticeably different. I’m not sure if I want to do it right now.


Also, I like how you actually updated the mod. I thought you might never return and post again on this forum. Nice to see you’re still here.


Yeah like I said, I’m just slow. If I ever want to stop working on the mod I’d announce it.