Starbound Mod: Big Fatties

bossfight is definitely the hardest part, especially since you can skip some parts of the mine

I don’t have any problems with the mine overall as I find out it’s pretty easy to kite the moontants so that they won’t hit me with the goop attack, especially since my starbound has some problem with enemy movements so that they’re pretty laggy but everything else works fine, and it means I can slash them and keep them in the air before they ever get a chance to charge up the goop attack. The real problem is when I get to the boss fight and the Erchius Horror starts spawning more moontants so it gets harder to get back to the laser cannon and avoid being hit by the goop attack and the laser.

You can dash and shield through the boss’s beams. You’ll only get hit, like, once and avoid all damage (but not fattening). …Or grab some of the digestion aids from the store before going in?

Can I add the completely stuffed status effect to my character? using admin commands.

Anyone know how to equip clothing while you’re ummm… fat…? I’m new btw and this mod is the mod that got me into playing Starbound!

Wearing clothes at higher weights is not supported by the base mod. I made another mod on top of Big Fatties for that, over here.

I downloaded your mod like yesterday… I was wearing clothes and I clicked the “Detect” button which I think detects your clothing so it can fit the fat bodies but nothing happened. Then I dragged the clothes I was wearing to le thingy hoping it would let me wear the clothes and still… I was naked. Got any possible tips or suggestions…?

Only a few clothing sets are actually complete for the full range of sizes (except blobs). Only those are considered by the “Detect” button.

Also, we may want to take this at least over to my thread, if not into PMs.

Just to say. You can put on clothes at a set size so long as they’re also of the right size. Slotting them over the body will function fine. They just don’t automatically grow with you.

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So the Vore tool only works on humanoid NPCs correct?
i was trying to Nom some of the smaller critters for pounds but it only seems to work on non colonist humanoids NPCs like bandits or crew.

Just asking to make sure i don’t have something set wrong.


I believe that’s correct.

Thank you and everyone who might have helped ya again for the hard work put in, Dis! Havin tons (pun intended) of fun so far…

The only thing I can hope for given there’s already so much to it- as a fatty end game addition is a complete surrender to the allure of fattening and going beyond the limits of the belly to just become a ship or screen spanning fatso.

A new meta of building a base around a beached buddy or throwing a party atop their tum~

I wouldn’t count on that happening anytime soon. Make no mistake, while that sounds like endless amounts of silly fun to be had, due to the way the ‘armors’ (aka. the bodies) in the mod work it sounds like the blob sizes are currently pretty close to the max possible size you can have for said armors, if not already there. So unless the game finds some way to uncap sprite sizes, I wouldn’t expect to see any bigger sizes in the future, but then again, I’m not the one making the mod so I couldn’t say for sure obviously.

…But you can currently stand on people at blob sizes, so I suppose you can treat them more like boats as opposed to ships, which is still something!

Do you know how to use custom races with this mod?

Blob is already past the regular frame size of armors; we had to adjust the hitbox and add new frame files to get it to work. Theoretically there’s no real limit to how big it can be, but the amount of work it takes to line up the hitbox/sprite all the frames gets ridonculous.

Theoretically there’s no real limit to how big it can be


but the amount of work it takes to line up the hitbox/sprite all the frames gets ridonculous.

Aw- As much as I’d like to see above and beyond I’d hate for undue workload to be involved.


How do we add new frame files? I want to make an armour set or modify the blob set to make it even bigger and if it’s decent enough I can share it with others.

Oh, interesting! I was under the impression that armors just had a larger frame size but I see now, thanks for the correction!

But yeah, as you said, I’m pretty sure having to create, recolor, and align a massive number of pixels per frames wouldn’t be a very fun time if trying to go for a screen-covering body size so sounds like it still wouldn’t happen anytime soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Updated the mod some more with various fixes and changes.
-An addition of a minimum size for weight gain.
-Changes to the solid blob hitbox.
-No fat spilling out at the fatty size in mechs.
-Status effect for the ui now checks if it has been removed.
-Recipe fixes
-Update for the vore tool.
-Toggleable belch
-Slider for chance to regurgitate items.
-Blob hitbox disabled when eaten.


Could you elaborate on the changes to blob hit box, minimum size for weight gain and the blob size being disabled when eaten?