Starbound Mod: Big Fatties

Ahh, missed seeing this post somehow >.<

If you want, I can help finish these Avali blob sprites.

Man, every tim i open the mod folder i just look at it all en think, wow, a lot of improvements have been made

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You know, playing with my friends through Frackin’ Universe with your mod got us thinking. We may not be all that knowing of how game things work but any chance there could be any added interaction with blobs from other players? Like how you can slap the floran’s butt or belly?

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I see what you did there, mr. meat.

Greetings. Just wanted to say thank you for the mod! Hope there’s more to see soon, it’s pretty fun!

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So it’s going to be awhile before another content filled update will arrive. But figured I’d at least do a mockup of what it’ll focus on. The fatty size is gonna need a rework, being the oldest size. The belly won’t change too much, however the legs likely will. And then once that’s all settled, applying it to every armor that was made for the size, and more that I skipped out on because of planning for this.


I’m a fan of the upper right screen!~ :wink:
Pure bodonkadonk!~

Whew~! This is definitely something to look forward to!

For some reason when I updated the mod, it caused the game to crash and ultimately uninstall itself when I tried to use the vore. I had to revert to the most previous version.

that’s very weird did you update the mod by replacing files when you downloaded them to the mods folder? because if you did that that would cause it to crash it happened to me but it did not uninstall for me after some time i tried to figure out why it was crashing

I always manual update, my non-steam mods don’t update automatically. I figure I’ll just use the most previous version until the next one comes out.

What they mean is, did you delete what was there before installing the new version, or did you just let it replace files and add new ones? Because if you didn’t delete the older Big Fatties in its entirety, that’ll cause the problem you described. =w=;

Ok. I usually store it in a different file so I can revert if an issue were to arise, but you mean if I am to completely delete the older versions and only have the latest version in my computer whatsoever, that should remedy the issue?

I was assuming that as long as the older versions were removed from the starbound>mods folder that it would have no effect on the gameplay.

Your assumption was correct; that’s how it’s supposed to work. If that isn’t how it’s working, then I dunno what’s happening. =w=;

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Ok so it’s good that I kept my backups! The update was extremely minor, I see no reason I can’t just wait for the next update!
I appreciate your helpfulness and confirmation!
I am trailblazing in the world of mods, so to speak. That is; I am operating on assumption and deductive reasoning to employ them, so any time someone gives me definitive knowledge is appreciated.

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I mean, you’re already on the right track in that case! I make it a rule of thumb to always keep the last working version of a mod on hand. Whether you goof up the install or the modder simply accidentally uploads an incorrect/corrupted file - because that can, and does, happen - it at least still allows you to roll your game back to a reasonably playable state. Couldn’t count the number of times I’ve seen people end up in the same situation as you, but rather than taking responsibility for their usually careless installs, they’d rather just go “u broke my game. fix ):<”, a common occurrence in the comments section of a lot of Steam workshop mods.

But I digress. This is just pure guesswork here, but I’d say it’s possible that maybe you accidentally dropped old files into the folder of another mod folder that only conflict once the new version of this one is installed. You may want to try the 'ol “uninstall everything” method (which would really just be you temporarily pulling your mods out of the mod folder) and see if the update at least works if used alone. It’s very likely that whatever is causing your problem at the moment will only persist into the next update so you may want to take a more active approach as opposed to waiting for a likely loooong time.

Of course, if you’d rather stick with the older version then no harm in that either, it’s ultimately your decision after all!

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Yay, I am finally a trusted member so now I can post more in this thread!

So I finished the Avali sprites. I hope I am not trampling on Dispatch’s work if they’ve got it already in progress. My apologies of I have. If no damage, I hope that you can use these in your mod and that it’s now one less thing you have to work on!

Anyway, here it is.

hey, so when do you think photosynthesis is coming back? and will it still be exclusive to floran?

Are there any other plant races that it could be used for? (Please say there are, I don’t want the florans to be the sole plant bois and girls)

I could definitely see the Gardevan race having the Photosynthesis ability.