Starbound Mod: Big Fatties

Oh, wasn’t aware that normal food actually caused weight gain, thanks for the correction. Also, what do you mean by lard placed in the world? Do you mean it’s like a pool of water/oil/lava? I haven’t seen anything like that, and out of curiosity I tried firing the lard/chocolate squirt guns into little holes to see if they filled up, but nothing happened. Unless that’s what you mean by it being finicky.

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Lard comes from Modfatities, as opposed to the base mod.

“Drink liquids” allows your character to drink coconut milk and slime. The process occurs automatically when you’re standing in a pool of one of those liquids that’s head-deep or greater.

There could be another liquid I’m forgetting (excluding those added by FU), so correct me if I’m wrong there.

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Ah, totally forgot about adding mods on top of other mods, lol. Thanks for the info.

It also lets you drink water iirc lmao

Just wanted to voice my interest in a server for this - this’d be more fun if we could get some roleplay going or something!

Out of curiosity. I’ve been checking this mods files and I was wondering which files made the character “slower/heavier” per say. I saw that it modifies the run speed and jump heigh at each stage, and I wondered if there is a gravity modifier attached to your weight of some sort?

I think your size does affect your character’s gravity, bigger sizes seem to fall quite fast (helps explain why you bounce so high into the air upon landing). On top of that, moving yourself with rope / the grappling hook gets tougher as you get fatter. I haven’t done any direct comparisons between falling speeds of different weights though, so maybe take that with a grain of salt without proper testing.

Also, speaking of the grappling hook, what’s so special about the “Suspicious Grappling Hook” that comes with the BF mod, aside from the name and unique description? Seems to function like a regular one, excluding its ability to be bought much earlier than you’d be able to make one normally.

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Its just a cheaper grapple gun for early game. It might have more range but idk

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Makes sense, having it available earlier is better than having to switch off size effects any time you got stuck. Though it’d be cool if it pulled you more effectively even at larger sizes, but I’m not sure if it would be possible to change its pulling power at individual levels of fatness specifically rather than just in general.

I installed this , it makes the regular grapple hook pull with more power and the suspicious one stays the same so you can use it when you are lighter

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That would only be possible if you did several grapple guns with different pulling strengths. However that would be virtually worthless since most everyone would choose the strongest grapple gun every time.
If movement speed bothers you, I sometimes use the grapple gun you can make in FU, since that one doesn’t behave like a rope item.


As far as I’ve seen on the files, there’s a “chubby grappling hook” Which is the weakest, the suspicious one, and the default one being the strongest.
I can’t seem to spawn the chubby one, so it might just be a concept

Hello! Just want to say that I am also one of those people who just had Starbound lying around my steam account until I stumbled upon this wonderful mod! I’m not one for vore or immobility, but this mod is fantastic and I have been having some fun with it! I understand that the main post covers the basics, but is there some sort of readme or wiki that I am missing?Or maybe some sort of central post for all these addons for it? Thanks!

First time posting on this board, please be gentle. Is there any chance we’ll see more content relating to the Avali, or are you only adding comparability for the race, and nothing else?

There’s barely anything to work with for Avali, so likely almost a guaranteed no on anything else.

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is there a way i can add the fatray effect on other guns

Like a m2 special ability?

i dont know what that is

I think M2 = mouse button 2, aka usually the right mouse button

Correct. That is what I meant by ‘m2.’