Starbound Mod: Big Fatties

Compatible clothing has to be placed in the clothing slots of the big fatties ui to be recognized and fattened up to sizes made.


I’m really loving this mod so far, Dispatch! You’re doing an amazing job!

But I have a question and/or a suggestion, if you don’t mind me sharing it.
Do lardshake squirt guns work against players or only NPCs? Haven’t tested it on any players yet. And if it’s NPC only then is it possible to make it fatten up players/ make a player compatable variant like if players want to play some sort of minigame involving fattening other players?

It is possible to fatten other players up with the weapons.

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Any special process needed, or can you just fatten someone on the spot? Just want to be sure I don’t miss anything. ^^

It works like any other fattening source. Only if the players want to and have the feature turned on.

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Thank you for replying to my question. ^^

Also, I’m curious about the torso and legs buttons next to the Big Fatties config toggle button, what are they mean’t for? As I can’t find a way to activate them.

It’s for clothes, it has the same icons as the clothing slots. If you put in compatible clothing done for the mod so far, it’ll grow alongside you to a certain point.

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Oh okie, thanks! :>

And one more question if you don’t mind, is the dummy thick badge purely for flavor, or does it effect something?

(I feel like someone should make a wiki or some type of extensive guide for this mod for newer players like me. ^^; )

At this rate I should just remove it if people keep wanting to spawn it in.

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Spawn it in? Now you’ve got me even more curious. XD

Just remove it, however you cheated it in.

I just found it by purchasing it from the weight scale, is it not supposed to be there? I do have admin mode on, so is that why I can buy it from there?

You’re using an old version

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Ohhh, alrighty!
Thank you for the answers Dispatch, I’ll go download the new version then. ^^
Wish you the best!

Found an interesting bug involving the climbing rope, the winch, and possibly every other rope item, not sure if anyone else found it yet.

Attempting to use two rope items at the same time seems to reset the hitbox to the default player size. It’s the most noticable with the Blob fatness level, though it’s entertaining seeing a fat blobby player crawl across a ceiling with ease using 2 winches.

I can’t seem to get the game running with this in my mods folder. It seems to quit after a few seconds on the loading screen, and taking the mod out of the folder seems to do the trick.

(Edit: I’m an idiot. Apparently there’s a message in the Command Prompt when unpacking .pak files that appears after it has finished unpacking the file, and I didn’t know about it, so I was prematurely ending it.)

Unpacking, while a thing that still works, isn’t required for the mod to work. In fact mods generally load faster when they’re pak files.

Ok, I’ll try that. Also, turning on the “busty chest”, “thick thighs”, “stuffed belly” or “filled belly” in the configuration menu seems to severely lag the game. Could I be using an outdated version?

Edit: It seems that just adding weight in general seems to lag the game a ton.

If everything is causing lag, yes you’re probably using an old version. If you’re someone with a configuration that just might be on the lower end to lag anyways, you can scroll up a bit for a hotfix that may or may not help you.