Starbound Mod: Big Fatties

Thank you very much! Sorry about having to ask. I do my best to figure things out myself so I don’t clog the forums up too much with asking for help so this was very appreciated. Thanks again!

Hello guys, since a long time has passed since last time as I asked can someone tell me please if in the latest version of mod it is possible to vore not only npc, but monsters too?

Only smaller, vanilla creatures (such as rabbits) can be eaten at the moment as far as non-npc prey goes. Anything beyond that, including “npc-resembling monsters”, are still currently inedible.

Ok, thank you for info.

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Although I haven’t tested it yet, here’s the space station design I came up with using an online tool:

The idea focuses on the fact that NPCs have a limited jump height and therefore should have a limited ability to scale vertical surfaces without platforms or elevators. Meanwhile, I can climb those walls easily using double jumps, the Grappling Hook (or the Winch mod), or the Spike Ball. In the picture below, the short, horizontal corridors act as tenant rooms. The Large Cores are intended to be farming and museum rooms. This design allows me to continue expanding to the right if I so desire, and with a bit of tweaking, I can place more quarters above the rail corridors.

Since I haven’t tested this yet, my biggest concern is that there won’t be quite enough vertical space to prevent NPCs from escaping. If that’s the case, then I’ll need to redesign the living quarters with an extra vertical shaft. On top of that, there’s the fact that rooms can’t be removed after they’ve been placed.


It looks quite unique, let’s take over to the Big Fatties Themed Builds/Building Thread so that it doesn’t clog up the regular feed. I can go more into depth over there

An idea just hit me. What if enemies surrendered or stopped trying to fight you once they’ve been rendered immobile? As it is, fattening an enemy potentially makes them more of a threat, since fatter characters have more health.


Guys, can someone tell me please how can I change the character movement speed decrease rate? I know it is immersive that when your character gain tons of weight it should move very slow, but since I want to play when my character is big I just want to increase movement speed a little.

Disable size effects in the big fatties menu.

you might be able to change the values directly in the files but I don’t know the exact one you need right now

This! I hate going into a greg base(frackin), stealthing through, without any see me, then using a lard gun to flood their bases from the roof down(btw, they don’t drink unless their mouths opened like when aggro-ing to me.), fattening them up… and they STILL ATTACK ME. I wish they were rendering HELPLESS, awaiting my consumption of them!

Thanks. I found a way of how to do this.

Can someone link me the discord server

you can checked the discord server link on another article

Hm, guys, I just started to use feeding guns on NPC and found out that NPC gain weight with their default outfit sprites, but my playable cahracter always wear only one red bikini sprites outfit. Is there a way in this mod to wear some other outfits which support visual weight gain like on NPC?


You must input the clothing into the marked areas in the Big Fatties menu and the clothing must be compatible.


Which, to be clear, is in the bottom right of the Big Fatties menu.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Will we ever be able to fatten the NPCs in the outpost?

/settileprotection true 0
put those into your console by pressing the ‘/’ key and typing them in.
That should remove their immunity to fattening items, with the added bonus of you being able to break blocks in the outpost.
Hope that helps!